Friday, July 29, 2011

Product Spotlight: Love it or Hate it?

Ever notice your makeup is kinda like your closet in a sense when its like "I have nothing to wear!" I see posts like this all the time and I think it is a really good way to bring those products back to life and also a great way to save your money! So these are those makeup products that I bought and I don't nearly use them as much as I should be. I am determined to shop my own stock and bring those diamonds in the rough back to life!

Remember this palette from icing? I didn't! great pigment, great price, great colors, hasn't been touched since! I think this would be great for a really dramatic smokey eye. Lately, I have been putting some black eye shadow over my liner (which I am so glad I picked that tip up! It makes your line look even black-er) & this black would be perfect b/c my other black shadow is shimmery as this one is matte. I am a bit scared of blue shadow, I think its because I am better with warm colors, but I think the dark blue would be really nice for an outer corner color, no? On top of all of that, the packaging is adorable!

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara - I actually hated this mascara when I first got it. I thought the formula was too watery and I wasn't a huge fan of the brush. I have done a complete 180 because I have been using it the last 2 days and actually loving it. My lashes are thick and long so I don't like lots of clumps on my lashes. This stuff really separates my lashes and I love the brush now. See, thats what happens when you start shopping your stash.

Garnier Fructis Roller Ball- I just wanted to mention this because I had really high hopes for this since everybody talks about it, but I am sorry - I really don't see much of a change in my under-eye area. I really wanted to like this stuff, but I just don't. I still use it hoping it might be doing something that I am not even aware of, so I still have hope, I suppose.

Mark.Celestial Eyes in Mint Sky- It's a cream shadow and even tho it is looking a little dried up, once rubbed between my finger to warm it up for a couple of seconds, it is still good to go- for me anyways. Keep in mind that I bought this in like March. I think these would be really good as a base. Cream shadows are perfect to pair with the same colors of the powder shadow to make your look really pop

This next one is def. a diamond in the rough. I cant barely read who/what it is but I managed to figure it out Rimmel's Kiss & Stay. I bought this when I was a dancer a couple years ago, I can probably just go ahead and toss it if I wanted....but I don't want to! It is a really beautiful color, a bold pink that is perfect for a night on the town, since I don't dance anymore. I pulled it out and swatched it to see if it still had the staying power it did, and let me tell you, it does! I have never seen anything cling to me like this stuff does. Water will not take this stuff off. I used my Clinique makeup remover to take this stuff of but I think soap and water will do, but you may have to scrub a bit. Not majorly or anything but it does "kiss & stay".  If you try to take it off with just water, the water will run right off of the product and as you scrub it will kind of feel rubbery, you know what I mean? Although a little annoying, I think its a good thing, held up to their promise. Thanx Rimmel!

(left)swatch I left on while I slept (didn't attempt to wash it off) (right) swatch that I swatched 1 minute before I took the picture

Is there anything that you are bringing back to life? What about tossing it and never looking back? let me know in the comments! Thanx for reading!


Ashley said...

I loved that palette! cute colors. I love when you can find great things in your own makeup collection! I need to get better at doing that

Erica J said...

this was something that needed done really badly! do a post like this, I would love to see what you find Ashley!

Arielle said...

So pretty! I don't have a lot of makeup but I do this a lot with my closet like you said (:

Dinorah ♥ said...

The palette is beautiful!! Ahh we're totally opposites with color lol I'm terrified of warm colors & gravitate more to the cool tones. :P

I lovvee those cream shadows! The colors are so pretty! & The rimmel lip color is gorgeous. I love that Pink.

Gracey said...

That palette looks so pretty! And you should try the tinted version of the under eye roller, I like that one a lot

Erica J said...

oh yeah I seen that Gracey in your favorites- i think i will have to do that (:

dinorah I have been trying to venture out and not be so afraid of cool tones! I did a red white and blue look for the 4th (camera was broken- dammit!) and I actually was really pleased- so you need to venture! you wont regret it

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