Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Guys Wanna See Whats in my Birchbox?

Im sure you do if you clicked this, so here we go! This month the Birchbox decided to have their first every guest curator, designer Cynthia Rowley. All of these products are her must-haves and let me just tell you, the girl has great taste! I know I say it every time, but this seriosuly is the best Birchbox yet!

ybf beauty automatic eyebrow pencil- I have seen this product time and time again on HSN and I have always wanted to try it, considering my obsession with eye brows. When I seen it in my Birchbox you can imagine how exited I was to try it out! I really like this, my brows look really natural.

 philosophy purity made simple face wash- this stuff has such a great reputation! my aunt stands by this face wash- so exited to try it!!
redken shine flash- another great pick! I tried it, and yes it does make my hair shiny, and it dosen't feel like there's a bunch of product in my hair
korres shower gel- this is something I haven't heard of since Birchbox

So I would say the thing I am most exited for is the ybf brow pencil! I am so exited about that one just because I have seen it so much on hsn and ive wanted to try it out! I also am really happy I got the redken shine flash (that bottle a $10 bottle people!) and also the philosophy face wash. If you get a Birchbox, what did you get in yours this month? if not, sign up! and don't forget to mention that Erica sent yah!


Curves ahead makeup said...

I just got my Birchbox today and I didn't get the eyebrow pencil noooo =( enjoy !!!

Erica J said...

oh boo! ): well i am sure you got something else just as exiting by ybf maybe? ill be sure to check out your post if you do one!

Christina said...

ooo, you got some great things! I, too, adore that eyebrow pencil


Melanie said...

Here is what I got in my birchbox!

I didn't get the Korres shower gel or the eyebrow pencil, but I got a little Zoya polish. I think some people got a PurMinerals foundation, which I'm super jealous about b/c I've been wanting to try it! haha

<3 Melanie

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