Saturday, July 16, 2011

Im Loving...

I have been seeing so many cute shoes that I just had to do a post like this!

1. Tuesday Turquoise from Shoe dazzle- here's what I would wear with these shoes: the color blocking concept I am in love with- With this outfit idea, I think I would have to choose one to wear: either the belt or bracelets!

2. Mojo Moxi in Poppy from Bakers- These are favorite ones out of the bunch!

3. Victoria G from Bakers-

4. Marco Santi shoes from Sole Society-

One more thing: This song! if you watch Teen mom, then you know this song- I love it! It is so soothing and beautiful-

what is everybody else loving? thanx for reading!


Gracey said...

Ooh those shoes are too cute! And those are great outfits you put together :)

Erica J said...

thanx Gracey! now all i need is the money to buy all of the outfits- haha!

Lexie said...

All of those idems are adorable. You have a great taste in style. Follow my blogs:

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