Sunday, July 3, 2011

If I Was A Nautical Pirate....

I love this nautical trend that is sweeping over the summer! It is so americana, classic, & pirate-y! I love the stripes, beachy theme, red, white, and blue colors: it's perfect for Independence Day! To me, it's reminiscent of the 40's and 50's. So if I was a nautical pirate or (naval attendee), this would be what my life would look like (in collage form).

Lipstick- Nars in Jungle Red- When ever I think of a Navy Pin-Up from way back when I think fire-engine red!...or Jungle Red
Purse- Chanel....enough said
Skirt- Love Label- I sense a nautical theme because of the vertical buttons, which are so cute! What sets this one apart for me, is the extra fabric around the waist- I think it gives it a modern twist! definitely a 2011 trend
Necklace- Forever 21
OPI- Yoga-Ta Get This Blue- Since I went with the red lipstick, I think a navy blue nail polish would be cute as long as im going for the red, white, and blue look.
Bikini Top-not too sure where this is from...sorry!
Shoes- Shoedazzle- Adara
Bedding- I love the thicker navy blue stripes paired with the white bed, and the rest of the bedding, I think the nautical theme when it comes to interiors is great and can def. be pulled off- as long as you don't go over board! I love the wicker storage box too- nice touch. This room looks like it belongs right next to the sea!

I hope everyone is having a fab holiday weekend! And if your not american and/or dont celebrate Fourth of July, just pretend you do so that way you can have an excuse to celebrate, relax, and have fun! The past couple days every which way I look I see fireworks! I love this time of year!!

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