Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Favorites

hey guys! As usual, my favorites are a little late- I always seem to do mine a few days into the months. Either way, im sure you can see that my layout & header are new- I made them with gimp! So, my blog will be a construction zone for next couple of days.

Maybelline Superstay Concealer- Great for any blemish or under eye circles. This stuff is long lasting, trust me! It really sticks to your skin! For that reason, I think it can really double as a shadow primer for a simple look. A little goes a long way with this stuff! and I also find that if I apply just a bit with the doe-foot applicator and then take my finger and kinda press/roll it into my skin with as opposed rub it in, I find it blends really well into my skin and creates a really even skin tone- no concealer lines on this face!

Victoria Secret Sun Dust Bronze Shimmer Body Powder- This is a very shimmery bronzer for your body as opposed to your face. I do love this bronzer but I do have to go back over where I applied the bronzer with another blush brush. i find that you really can't blend it out w/ the brush it comes with, even when the thing is closed- the bronzer will still keep flowing out of the top of the brush! If you are familiar with the Bronze Beach sexy line from VS, you know this smells like. Sun-Kissed.

NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil- As everybody else does, I like to put it in the inner corners near my tear ducts to brighten em up a bit. I also like to put this on after my eye-shadow primer and before my actual eye-shadow, I find it really makes the shadow pop. I haven't had to sharpen this thing yet, Ive had it for about 2 months now & use it daily. At around $3-4 it's pretty much a steal. Here's a pic demonstrating how this pencil can make any shadow pop:

Mark. London Bridge Eye Shadow- I used this in my Kourtney Kardash FOTD it has been one of those shadows that ive had for months but haven't picked it up in a while- love. this. color. Its a taupe color but with a silver dimension to it. I think it is a really complex, beautiful color- I love it! (swatches above) I think this shadow is exclusive to the Flip For It London Palette but I am pretty sure you can still purchase this on either the Avon or Mark website- If your interested, I would recommend checking Avon first, honestly. I sell mark so click here to shop

And Lastly True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream- I lather this on my whole body after the shower or the bath- I could really put this stuff on a piece of toast- yummy! It smells really buttery and cashmere-y. This has been my favorite since I purchased it! Love this stuff!

Just another favorite it using a Sponge instead of a brush to apply foundation. Wow, I wish I would have done this all along. I like to put some of my liquid foundation right on the sponge and dot/smudge it on my face in circular motions (if that makes any sense). It really blends beautifully and isnt streaky like how it can be when applied with a foundation brush! The foundation also goes on really even when applied with the sponge- if you haven't tried a sponge for foundation, give it a try! A downfall is that it kinda sucks alot of foundation up, so you may need to use more foundation but I dont care- i would rather have an even tone face!

So thats all for my favs (: did you do a favorites post for last month? if you did, please link em in the comment! Thanx for reading guys and have a great night! (or day, depending on where you are in the world)


Melanie said...

Very nice favorites! I love the NYX pencil in Milk as well =)

Here are my June favorites:

Erica J said...

thanx for the link! I will be sure to check it out!

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