Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear John, Will You Marry Me?

I am in love & I dont care who knows it! -Buddy the Elf. 
I am talking about John Frieda and his awesome Full Splendor Conditioner for Luxurious Volume. Remember my CVS haul? If you do, you may remember that I did have high hopes for this and I really was looking for a good conditioner as I do have really dead-ends. Even tho this conditioner isnt esp. for damaged hair, it does help it.

My hair type is thick, curly/wavy, frizzy (at times), damaged, & color treated. I usually buy shampoos and conditioners that add volume even tho my hair is pretty voluminous, I think I can credit that to the products I use. Including this one. John's promise to us Voluminous sisters:

"Builds fullness at the roots, strengthens and conditions where needed for silky, full-bodied hair."

Usage: I squeeze a palm full of this stuff in my....well, palm (lol). My hair goes a couple inches past my shoulders. I always start at the roots and really concentrate on my ends first.(that is where I need the most care), and then whatever I have left over put just below my scalp. Putting any products on your scalp can make your hair greasy faster and its not good for it. I apply at the beginning of my shower and right when im about to get out, I rinse it out. Even my wet hair is soft! This shit rocks.

After I do blow dry my hair out it is much softer. I am not joking when I say that my hair has never been that soft in my life. No fly-aways or tangles. My hair is easier to style & get volume. I am not saying once you get out of the shower, you are going to have volume. You obviously do need to blow-dry as you would to get volume, but this stuff def. helps. I don't use another volumizing product after my shower w/ John Frieda.

Thats not even the best part of this product- it did really target my damaged areas, which are my ends.I was expecting more volume than mending but I actually got alot more tlc than I thought I was going to get. If you have split ends- grab this stuff!

Availability/Price: It was on sale for $5.29 with the original price of $7.29.It is readily available at any drug-store and even some salons because it is a higher end brand but the only complaint I do have is how much you actually get. I think you should get a couple more fluid ounces for that price. I have long hair! I need a lot of conditioner! I have used it about 4x and I have about 2 more uses out of it.

Consistency/Scent: Of course it smells so good like any other conditioner and yes the smell of my hair did linger into the second day so that is a good thing. I would say it's about as thick as any other conditioner. If I am comparing it to Wen conditioner, the Wen is much thicker. another FYI.

So end result is even tho it is targeted to volume & not for split-end mending, I think it does help with your dead hair, as promised, as well as volume. I love this conditioner (can you tell?) I just feel like you should get a little more for the money you are paying for it! luckily mine was on sale and I think I can hopefully catch it on sale whenever I need it.

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