Monday, December 26, 2011

Candles By Victoria

As you guys know if you frequent Meet Makeup that I placed an order for CBV and it came a few weeks back. I wanted to give you guys my 2cents on the candles so I wanted to wait for this post, so here we go:

Breakfast in Vermont- White chocolate truffle fragrance begins with top notes of caramel and sugar; well-rounded with middle notes of buttercream, maple, and molasses. Dry base notes include vanilla, white chocolate and white flour. -from the website. 

It sounds so decadent, doesn't it? mmm hmm! This one reminds me a lot of Cinnamon Sugar Donut from Slatkin & Co (Bath & Body Works) I actually thought that I was burning that one when I was burning this one so I really feel it has a cinnamon note in there- an extremely sweet cinnamon note. Not one of those spicy ones. Which I prefer the sweet kind, if you cant tell by all of my candle purchases ever. Can we call this a dupe for Cinnamon Sugar Donut? yes, we can!

Log Cabin- We created this scent for a customer that wanted to play a prank on her hubby by making him think she was making him pancakes for breakfast and we did just that according to her! A rich blend of Maple, Butter and Syrup this scent will have you running to the kitchen. Just so yummy! -from the website. 

This is actually funny it mentions that on the site because when my mom came in the other day she mentioned that it smelled like pancakes in here. This is truly maple syrup & buttery pancakes. I love this one and I love that I can smell the buttery note in it. <3

Tiffany D- TiffanyD on YouTube inspired me to create this wonderful fragrance. Colored light blue like the infamous Tiffany boxes, a beautiful mix of Watermelon, Honeydew Melon, Cotton Candy with a splash of Vanilla. -from the website.

This one to me smells a little plastic-y in some ways. Not that it smells like burning plastic, but it just doesn't smell like real fruit. However, all of the notes mentioned I can pick up after reading what's in it. Its one of those that smells extremely sweet

Coppertone ~ If you like the smell of coppertone suntan lotion, we think our copper suntan lotion fragrance will make you very happy! -from the website.

I haven't burned this one yet and for some reason I wanna wait for spring/summer but it really does smell for the most part like Coppertone. I think once I burn it I am really going to be smelling the Coppertone. 

Cotton Candy-County Fairs, ferris wheels and good times are what this sweet scent brings to mind. Sweet and sugary with a hint of strawberry in the background -from the website.

This one is pretty sweet as well but I do like it better then Tiffany D, it's not as sickeningly sweet and fake smelling.

Pumpkin Pickin'-   A french vanilla cream pudding slightly caramelized with hints of pumpkin spices.- from the website.

One thing I thought was really nice was that they sent me a scent shot for free, which was Pumpkin Pickin'. I love when companies do that, it is always a nice touch. I have yet to burn it but it smells like a spicier pumpkin scent. I know once I burn it though I think it will smell more sweet

Other Points
--I want to mention that if youare going to order from Victoria, dont judge the candle before you burn it. They do smell a little different/better. Notes that you cant smell in the un-melted wax, you can once melted

--The only thing that really sux is the shipping. Yeah the candles are great and fairly priced but 8 something for shipping kills me. Either way I am really pleased with my purchase and will make another purchase eventually. I think I may get more candles than tarts but the tarts are so cheap and worth it lol.  

--Something I noticed was the candle wax itself which is rather....waxy, for lack of a better word. I actually spilled some of my tart (oops!) and when I was cleaning it up, it was rather hard to deal with.

--Overall, I like the candle/scent shots but I can't say they top my beloved Slatkin and Co. lucky for me, Slatkin is readily available but I do like Victoria's Candles alot so next time I need a change up im going to order more from her for sure 

--CBV is on the same level when it comes to the throw of the candle. We can smell her candles from a mile away (not literally), which I really love. Her candles are also really cheap, I honestly think she could be charging more, but luckily for us, she doesn't! If you are contemplating on ordering, I say go for it.

Have any of you ordered from CBV? What scents did you get?

as always, thanx so much for stopping by!


Curves Ahead Make up said...

all of these look great have to try these out !!great post

Pandora`s Box said...

What a delightful post! I loved all the scent descriptions. I have tried candles by Slatkin&Co but never CBV. You have me itching to buy Pumpkin pickin, Log Cabin and breakfast at Vermont. I love foody scents. Thanks for sharing.

Erica J said...

My favorite is log cabin def. I think next time i wanna go for different scent's from different categories, because all of my candles smell similar to each other

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