Friday, December 30, 2011

OOTD & EOTD: Middle of Winter

Hey everybody! I have so many posts coming up and even though this was my last "scheduled" post, it is the first I am putting up- I had all the pictures ready for this one and this one only. I have been wanting to do an OOTD for some time now and I got some really great stuff with my Christmas $$ (haul coming soon!) so there will be plenty of OOTD's coming up soon. I am really pleased about how they came out: they are my b/f's first OOTD and all so enjoy (: It was extremely cold outside BTW, hence the title. You can see it written all over my face.

Almost everything is from Old Navy...I didn't plan that but I am constantly finding some great deals there. I have been 2x in the past 6 months and I always find some great stuff for really cheap...God Bless Sales.

haha! im trying to keep my poor puppy warm! she had to go inside immediately so I wanted to quick pic

-Blouse: Old Navy $4.35
-Cardigan: Old Navy $6
-Pants: Yoga Pants for Victoria's Secret Pink Line $35 i think they were
-Boots: Old Navy $25
-Necklace: Body Central $3.50
-Bracelet: Jewelmint Lost Treasure Bracelet $9
-Nail Polish: China Glaze Lorilei's Tiara

It was the look I was wearing with this outfit. 

-UD Primer Potion
-Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese
-I used the naked palette for it. Particularly, Sin, Virgin, Toasted, & Hustle
-Revlon Growluscious Mascara
-Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner (black)
-Wet n Wild Cream Eye Liner (black) 
-I put Creep eye shadow over top my liner (UD naked palette)
-Bottom Lash line I put a nice purple shadow to make 'em pop
 -Brows: YBF brow pencil which I love

Now Stella wants to show you her outfit of the day!

Sweater Dress: a famous designer, Lulu Pink
Necklace: A gift from my other mom Alex
Collar: Polka Dot Pink to match my label (:

So that is that! I have some great post's coming up for the next couple weeks! What is everyone doing for NYE?


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Love your outfit! Everything fits together perfectly. & the eye makeup looks just as wonderful.
Your lucky its cold where you are, over here I have the A/C on =/ I wanna wear all my Winter clothes! lol

Erica J said...

thank you! I thought he did pretty good with the pictures too!

no no no! your the lucky one! i like the clothes but honestly, it's wayyy to cold to show them off! I was freezing my nipples off! I wear a coat everywhere I go now and I seriously hate it! I cannot wait for the days until we can put the a/c back in! yeah, im going to be moving out of the north soon enough

tinkerbelldani said...

I just awarded your blog :) xox

Erica J said...

Thank you so much Dani! that's so awesome!!!! I am really exited I have never had one!!!!!

Lauren ♥ said...

Omggg, Stella is sooo cute! I love your hair btw, pretty jel!! =p

~ Lauren <3

Erica J said...

thanx lauren (:-lol I am in love with stella- that last picture is seriously to die for. she was into some trouble and got caught, lol

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