Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Shopping Guide: Dont Break The Bank

Hey babes! I am loving my Christmas edition on Meet Makeup, this being my favorite post so far. Like you all, I have been watching videos about the best presents and they are just mimicking each other...I wanted to share some great, fresh, cheap gift ideas that any beauty girl would be exited to get! How many times am I going to hear about the Clairsonic or the Naked palette for great presents? yahnowhatimean? To be honest, the Naked Palette (and the Clairsonic) are on my Christmas list, but I am thinking more along the lines on stuff that I am getting for others. By all means, send me that palette! But if your buying for everyone and their mothers (literally) like myself, you cannot afford a $50 present for everyone on your list, yah no? Here's some idea's that I came up with:

Box #1
for my cousin Caitlin, who is just a replica of me.
We love all the same things....I hope she's not reading....go away Caitlin!!

Elf Brow Fix - I happen to love this little thing, and she is always wanting me to do her eye brows, so I thought this was the perfect present. $3

Elf Brow Stencils- This was how I really started learning the right angle/shape of my brows. Not every stencil is going to be for you, but I think this is a perfect jumping off point. $3 = $6 total

Rio Rumberry Lotion from B&BW- $1. everybody gets one. = $7

Bath Confetti- When I stopped at Ulta, I noticed they had a section where there was a bunch of stocking stuffers- cha ching! 5 things for $10 I heard someone say "it's just junk!" ...well, its not junk to me and if someone got me all that "junk", I would be thrilled! I got myself one too actually. $2 = $9 total

Festive Emery Board- Perfect for any aspiring nail technician. Got it at Bath & Body Works for $1 = $10

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pots & Pans- A silver color that matches the palette I got from WnW perfectly $3.50 = $13.50

Wet n Wild Trio in Spoiled Brat- I love this little trio and I know she is going to love it too $3 = $16.50

-truth is, is that I could have came up with a million things to get Cait, but I hope this will do (:

Box #2
for Erika at my work, im her Secret Santa

Paris Amour: They had a sale the other day, 3 for $6 and it was a perfect chance to get some good minis! I grabbed a body spray, a lotion, and a body wash. = $6

Big Sexy Hair Hair Spray-  They were apart of the 5 for $10 at Ulta, so this was $2 = $8 total

Box #3
Punk Rocker
Kelly, my other cousin who loves cosmetics too! But shes your "anti-pink" type of girl. borderline rock star status (she's a teenager.)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Pacific- Like I mentioned before, it was BOGO 1/2 off so they are originally $4.50 which make them around $3.50 each.

Wet 'n' Wild Blue Had Me at Hello - I think it matches Pacific perfectly, don't you? 6 pan WnW shadows are $4 = $7.50

ELF Cream Eye Liner in Teal- I have never tried ELF cream liner so I am hoping its good but I thought it made a perfect match to the blue/green theme going on in this gift box: $3 = $10.50

Bali Mango Lotion - $1 at Bath & Body Works = $11.50

Body Shimmer- Again, found this in the 5 for $10 bin at Ulta and jumped on it for $2 = $12.50

 Box #4
Bath Lover
For My Grandma, who loves her baths! 
This is the more expensive present
(for the rest of the post, please excuse these awful lighted pictures- today was a drag for lighting!)

B&BW Luxury Bubble Bath in Eucalyptus & Spearmint- My Grandma loves spearmint and the women deserves a luxurious bath just as much as the next person & I know she would never buy one for herself $17

Soak Bath Salts Lavender & Chamomile- I got them at Wal Mart for $5 = $22

Bath Bombs- This is a little youthful for my grandma but they were a buck and since I am putting together my own basket, I thought these would be great as an extra filler-upper. I got them at Wal Mart for $1.= $23

Loofah- $1 at a place called Deals around here.= $24

Basket- $1 at Target - I think I out-did myself with this gift basket! = $25

I also bought the cellophane, which are called "basket bags" (2 for $1) at Deals. If you dont have a deals, I think you can get them at any party supply store. ribbon ($1), & tissue paper ($1) at Deals for $1 each = around $26

Box #5
Candle Enthusiast 
For Alex, my bfff. 
She really only burns just regular candles so I thought this would be a cool idea to introduce her to a new way to indulge in candles.
**I took this picture before I wrapped it up, but this will actually be in the cellophane (baggie) with a bow just like the bath gift**

Tart Warmer: $5- Wal-Mart. It will match her pink leopard/black zebra room pretty nicely.

ScentSational Tart in Zen $2 - Wal-Mart Again. I bought myself a frosted cupcake tart too- it's hot pink yum! =$7

Tea Lights- I bought a big bag at Deals for $2 and emptied more than half of them into her basket = $8

Cellophane (2 for $1 at Deals), ribbon ($1 at Deals), & Gift Basket ($1 at Target)= $10

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know I had fun putting all the gifts and blog post together! Happy Holidays



Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

You came up with some really great gifts!
I should've done a post like this, but everything is wrapped already. I got my sister the Comfort Zone palette so I'm hoping she'll love WNW as much as I do.

Erica J said...

oh yeah! i am now hooked on WnW if you cant tell, im turning everyone out! not in a gross way, but a WnW way lol

aly7 said...

you have some really great ideas! i love the whole box theme:)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Lucky ladies!!! Love these gifts!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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