Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woah! Thank you so much Dani for awarding me! I couldn't be more happy! I have never had an award before so I really wanna award her but I feel like it's pointless because she already has the award....Idk, I linked her anyways, her blog is awesome. To think that someone actually thinks I deserve an award is really amazing. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent blogging. When I asked my boyfriend how many he's thinks, he looked at me a bit scared to even answer and said "100's and 100's....probably 1,000's" I have spent countless nights on gimp getting together "season trends", re-doing my header and layout, writing the posts, taking that "perfect" picture. To think that all of my hard work payed off and someone else's loves it too is rewarding. Blogging for me has become rewarding over the year and I can't believe how much I have improved. So yeah, now that im done being mushy and gushy let's get on with it!

 Here's a couple things about me that you probably didn't know:

-I am an only child
-My favorite music genre's are rock (king of leon is my favorite) and rap (jay-z is my favorite for the moment)
-I moved to Las Vegas for exactly a year when I was 19. alone.
-I drive a freaking yellow car and I hate the about standing out.
-I went to school for Interior Design, but never finished
-I have had the same best friend since I was in 6th grade
-I live in Ohio
-I love mixing sprite and a little bit of lemonade- yum!
-I would rather stay at home with my boyfriend and my puppy and blog more than go out on a friday night. I know I am weird. When you have went out every single night for 4+ years it gets to be old.
-I danced throughout middle and high school
-I used to be a stripper

This award for the all the blogs I have been loving and I love to read so here's who I am awarding! 
What Are You Thinking- I have seen her blog from the beginning and what I love about her is that she never ever gives up and is always trying new things on her blog to make it better. She is extremely creative too!
Amarixe- If you watch her on YouTube then you know who she is. Her blog is really great for swatches and reviews and she blogs often. Her blog covers different things then her channel does for the most part.

Kiss an Makeup- She was the very first blog I followed I think and I have loved her blog ever since. Her blog is different then any beauty blog and I can't out my finger on what it is. Her photography is always great. She is the person that inspired me to brush up on mine!

Nouveau Cheap- If you wanna know what sales are going on on a daily basis, if you wanna know what new products are hitting stores, she is your girl to go to. It is every beauty girl's must read.

Meredith from Pigments and Palettes- If it is some inspiration your looking for for your next FOTD, you dont need to look any further! Seriously, this chick is amazing

P.S. Its Vida- I always love her photography and she is either talking about the "it" thing of the moment or some really nice things that maybe I don't know about. As soon as I see it on her blog though, I search everywhere for it.

Makeup Wishes- A UK based blogger that always has something good to say

Life as a Southern Girl- You can always expect a through review on her blog and she probably reviewed everything offered in a drug store that is humanly possible

Beauty Meets Lifestyle- This is a newer blog I started following, but I think it will quickly become one of my all time favorites

The Sunday Girl- I always find myself clicking on her posts and then once I get to her blog, I realize it's The Sunday Girl again! She always has some really good topics! UK based blogger too

MSodaPop- Another blogger I have been following since the first day and I have always loved her blof as well. I think it says something when you have been reading a blog for a year, yah no?


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

lol I love it! Thanks =)

Vida said...

Aw thank you for the award and the sweet comments! That really made my day all the better. Hope you have an amazing new year =)

Jacenda ♥ said...

Awe Thanks so much girly, that was really sweet of you! :) Happy new year! I will get this up as soon as I can. XX

Lauren ♥ said...

Congratulations! Your facts were great, you sound like you've had an interesting life so far! Remember that more people read your blog regularly than you even realise I bet! ^_^

~ Lauren <3

Erica J said...

Tiffany: no problem girl (:

Vida: your welcome! So glad I made your day!

Jacenda: no problem! happy new year to you too and take your time! it's your award, you can do what ever you like!

Lauren: thanx! haha, yes interesting to say the least & that was really sweet of you to say, that makes me happy (:

LifeLover said...

Ericaaaa thank you so much about the award. I am so grateful about having you as a friend here on te internet!!! Thank you so much!


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