Monday, December 19, 2011

Current Obsession & a Stila Haul

Hey guys! I ordered from Stila during black friday weekend when it was %80 off and I wanted to share it with you guys.

My Current Obsession is this Stila Garden Bliss All Over Shimmer Powder and it was the pretty flowers that reeled me right in and I am so glad it did because I am seriously in love with it. It really does illuminate my face and gives me a healthy glow. I wasn't sure if it was going to match my skin, but when I got it, I realized it would be perfect for almost any skin tone, it is so versatile & i'll tell you why.

I personally really love pale pink blush and the flower in the middle lightens up the powder and makes it good for a blush. The over-all brown color of the powder makes it great to use as a bronzer for all over your face. I wouldn't say it is good as a contour powder, unless you are extremely fair. For the darker girls out there, I think it would be a great blush. I have a lighter skin tone and this powder is darker then my skin but it dosen't look horrid on my face and blends really well. It really does liven up my face and creates a gorgeous glow. I really like using this as a blush and then taking it all around my face. I also like to apply it after using a blush. My favorite face powder to amp up my look to date by far. Next pic is a swatch of the pale pink flower in the middle along with the surrounding colors, unblended.

Lesson Of The Day: Buy makeup because of the pretty packaging! haha!

Wanna see the rest of the stuff I ordered too? k!

I ordered these eye shadow pans. I have Stila's Coco shadow, a matte brown, I got from my birch box but it didn't come with a pan so I thought now was a perfect time to grab one, considering the price. I bought 2 of them because of my next purchase.

Kitten Eye Shadow: I honestly bought it because of the hype it gets and I think it does deserve it, as it is highly pigmented, soft, & easy to wear. Just like the face powder, I think a range of different skin colors can pull this one off As you can see, mine came broken! I contacted Stila and they are actually going to send me another one, thank God. Well, I dont want to sound too vein so maybe I shouldn't thank God, lol.

Lip Glaze in Mango: This was just an impulse buy. I have never tried a lip glaze so I figured now was the time. I honestly don't think its anything special- it is actually pretty sheer, which is fine- but I am not wowed by it.

 Below: Swatch of Mango Lip Glaze and Kitten Eye Shadow

So there yah have it! Overall, I am really happy about my purchase and im so glad I caught the sale w/in the last hour!

Did you guys order anything from the 80% off sale? If not, have you tried Stila? What do you love from Stila? Hate? let us know in the comments! 

As always, thanx for stopping by!

oh yeah wanna know who won the give-away? I will give you one hint: This girl is a true southern belle! I will post the winner tomorrow, but if you think you may know who won, comment! 


Miranda said...

Fun stuff! I love the looks of shimmer powder! so cute!

Erica J said...

i know isn't it pretty ?!?!? thanx for stopping by !

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