Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Favorites

Wet n Wild Palette - Since I have been working so much, this is such a quick way to liven up my eyes without spending a half hour in the mirror- Although the lightest color doesn't have the best pigment, it is definitely build-able to some degree. As for that medium is my love! It is such a pretty taupe color and has great pigment. Most on-the-go days, I will put this in my crease and the lightest color on lid and brow bone. Voila! All done!

as you can see, they swatch well on my fingers:

but once I transfer (for lack of a better word) the swatches on to my hand, you can barely see that lightest color. But this isnt in my favorites for nothing, they are really beautiful on the lid: you just gotta work for that lightest color! as you can tell...

Revlon Lipstick in Prim Rose- It's just really pretty. I have been wearing this along with the shadow combo almost every day to work- it's easy. I do love my light/nude/pink lip colors and I this color is no exception. This is a "cult favorite" as they say and I can see why.  My latest obsession (Nyx Narcissus basically fell apart which is extremely depressing for me- other wise, I would have never tried to replace her! Prim Rose looks nothing like Narcissus btw I just think with my neutral eyes, a bold lip like that one would go awesomely)

here's a swatcharoo - isnt it gorgeous?!

EOS Lip Balm- My lips have been dry and I can stash this (along with Prim Rose) in my apron and im good to go. Lipsticks never can replace a trusty chip stick so this is a must. I know everything has been centered around work, but I have been working so much! It's nice to find some good products that are easy for this past month. People wonder what it is all the time lol

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Oyster- This one is more of a sheer color, unlike Milk which is extremely matte (I still love, love, love milk but I have been reaching for this one more!) It is perfect underneath my Wet n Wild combo I talked about above.

here's Oyster (right) next to Prim Rose (left)- I love how reflective it is

just to show you how reflective and two toned it is I wanted to give you guys another swatch. Oyster is on the left and this swatch is with no light hitting it.

Revlon Growluscious Mascara- It took me some time to get used to the wand which is huge but I really do love this mascara. It really grabs ahold of them and expands them to make them longer while separating. It does give volume, but not to the point where there's so much product on my lashes that they look like spidey's. Yuck I hate spiders! c-r-e-e-p-y. So if you look for length in a mascara, this if for you!
so see the wand isnt too bad at all- try it! you wont regret it

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter- I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with lip stuff this past month. My boyfriend Phil bought this as an early Christmas present. Even tho I can't throw this in my apron (I do not wanna be sticking my fingers in my lip balm after touching someone's eaten off of plate...that's just gross) I wear this every night after I use proactiv. It has been replacing my Carmex lately so I think it is safe to say Carmex is getting a run for its money! This lip butter is much more smoother than the Carmex but I think they stand right next to each other when talking about dried lips being repaired. It also smells so amazing!  Like an almond buttercream....yeah that it- Almond butter cream it is!

Other Favorites:
My favorite guru always seems to change on Youtube but I have had the same 2 favs for a couple months now and in case you guys dont know who they are, I wanted to let you know about them:

EmilyNoel83- Her channel is Beauty Broadcast on Youtube and she is also a news anchor. I just really love her. She has great charisma and is really captivating. She's into the same beauty products I am into- She is always talking about things you would never hear of on any other guru's channel- I get alot of idea's from her so I def. recommend her channel! Another thing about her is that she comes up with video's that honestly nobody else on youtube would- she is really creative when it comes to videos and I really cannot say enough about her. So if your looking for new great products and someone else to follow, Emily's alot of fun to watch. she also has a blog which is a great one too on blogger

Amarixe- I always love the things she talks about in videos and her personality is great- If I knew this chick, we would be cool. She is, Like Emily, really easy to watch and is also really relatable. Her makeup is always so beautiful too which makes me realize I should invest in some expensive shadows. Her blog is also a great read as well

Jenna Marbles- She isnt a beauty guru in the least- she is actually a comedian on Youtube. My personal favorites are how to avoid people and disney movies. I love comedy because you can always tell who has your sense of humor through comedy (obviously) and my boyfriend Phil loves her too. I catch him watching her all the time which is hilarous to me because he dosen't even have a youtube account. Let me know in the comments if you guys like her too! I would love to know your favorites as well!

the pictures of the youtube people were (obviously) not taken by me-

Financial Favorite- My boyfriend won the lottery a couple weeks ago! isnt that awesome?!?!! He won $345 after taxes and bought me some makeup and bought himself a new guitar- So yeah, that didn't last long but it was fun spending it

those are my favorites for the month on November- what have you guys been loving? If you did your own favorites post or video please link it below in the comments- I would love to see what you guys have been loving!

By the way, my give-away is extended till December 14th so you have 14 more days to enter! only 7 comments so far guys! 

Thanx so much for reading, 
xoxo, Erica J


Elle Sees said...

love WNW palettes!!!
and eos
and NYX sticks. oyster is always out. i want it. i like french fries too by them.
have the best weekend.

Erica J said...

oh yeah i love my new one (oyster) i think milk is my all time fav. but for this month I haven't been able to put it down! i love the eos because its cute lol

Kelly said...

The Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Palette is one of my fav palettes by them. Lots of great favorites!!

Thanks for joining our blog hop btw


Erica J said...

yay! thanx for having me kelly (:

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