Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Resolutions for 2012

Beauty, Health, Lifestyle

Branch out in skin care: You guys know how much I love Proactiv but I feel like that is all I ever use. If it ain't broke don't fix it but there are small, under-the-skin pimples that proactiv can't seem to get. I did however order Proactiv's face brush so maybe that will help. Either way I am not getting any younger and I wanna experiment with serum's and creams and the like. I am only 25 but the sooner the better as you know.

Stay on a Healthy Track: I am really good about dieting but I am horrible at staying on a diet! More like a healthier lifestyle I wanna keep. I made a forum for people like me so you can join me and we can keep each other on track! Please join? Anyway, I will have a contest of sorts that I will be posting 2marrow or the next day so stay tuned

Keep on filming videos and learn how to do them better: I know when I started this blog, I was a total mess. I have never blogged before and this was all so new to me. Same thing goes with videos. Practice makes Perfect. I am not by any means saying that I am a perfect blogger or will ever be perfect at either video's or blogging. If I ever thought I was, someone please remind me that I am human! I will never be perfect but the thing is as long as im striving for perfection and I am not at a stand still, saying "I have learned all I can". I am never done learning and I wanna be able to remember that while still trying my best on my blog and also my newer hobby- vlogging


Pay it forward every time: When your doing something for someone else, I feel like that really takes all of your selfish focus off of you to worry about someone else, which is extremely good for the soul if you ask me. It is known that each blessing you put out, you get double the blessings back to you. It says it in the bible, the secret, even sayings like "you get what you give". Karma is not always a bitch, it can be an awesome blessing. I just want to remind my self that it isn't all about me and I need to do my part to make this world a better place.

Don't caught up in what happened: get caught up in why it happened so I can learn from it and grow: Sometimes I can be so bitter and angry asking questions like "why me" and I know that if I keep that kind of attitude I will never learn from it and I will still be upset about the situation. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything. It is my (and yours) responsibility to learn from life and grow from it. Even if the circumstances are not even your fault, try to learn from it anyways.


Save 20% of everything I make: while continuing to pay off my school loans to go back. I really want to eventually invest in some stocks for my future. I am only 25 but the sooner you start thinking about retirement, the better!

Take a tropical vacation: Last vacation I have been on was driving across country to move back from Las Vegas to Ohio. That cannot qualify that as a real vacation and that was in 2007. Before that, the last time I was on a vacation was my senior year, 2005. I am in dire need of one!

Get back to playing Piano: One of my favorite past times that I never do anymore because I really don't have access to a piano, which is an excuse. I wanna go down to the school like I used to and keep on playing!

Go to the Theme Park: I love doing this every year but we didn't get to go last year so a trip is in need.

Teach my puppy all kinds of tricks!: She's just a baby and she is either such a good girl or a really bad girl! I wanna teach her to go potty outside (it's too cold in Ohio to bring her out now as she is only 9 weeks old) she, for the most part, goes on her puppy pad but there are a few accidents every now and again. She is learning "sit" and "high 5" pretty well but I also wanna teach her to "dance" (basically spin in a circle)  roll over, speak, & howl (that's not a trick but yah no) wish me luck!!


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

You have some great goals! & you honestly don't look 25! I thought you were younger than me (I'm 23) lol

Christina said...

Love the list lady. It's always easier to accomplish things if you (a) tell people and (b) write it down.

You must get into an anti-aging routine for sure. If you need any brand referrals, let me know


Erica J said...

Tiffany- thanx! I get carded alot and when I do, people are completely surprised, which makes me so happy! hopefully it will stay that way when I do get old old lol

Christina- thank you as well! and your a&b points are so true so I encourage you to make one too! and yes yes yes referrals would be awesome!! that's why I put it out there lol

Candice said...

Such good resolutions, I never seem to get around to doing mine...

I gave you a blog award.



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