Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul!

yikes I have been going over board on the Bath & Body Works Lately, but I love the sales and everything was %50 - %75 off so let me show yah what I got

Medium Candle in Hot Chocolate: The perfect blend of milk chocolate, steamed milk, & sweet marshmallow fluff $5     So this candle isn't your average chocolate candle. If you like chocolate candles you will absolutely love this one! If you dont like chcocolate candles but you like food candles your going to love this one too! I never really cared chocolate candles that much but there is truly something about this that makes you wanna eat it and burn in forever. Might be my favorite one of the haul.

Large Candle in Hot Buttered Rum: Rich and delicious, a comforting blend of spiced rum and warm caramel, with a touch of vanilla bourbon$10 It smells devine. I can really smell the caramel note in it and this is my boyfriends pick so he took it home to his mom, and now the 2 houses are sharing one candle! haha, we are a weird little family...since it is at his house I cannot show it but it's awesome (:

Large Candle in Winter Candy Apple: A mouthwatering blend of crisp apple candied orange & rich cinnamon spice.$10       My boyfriend thought it smelled a lot like the cherry candle they come out with in the warmer seasons, and I can agree with that.  It does have a tartness to it, a sweet note and also a cooler note. It is really weird but I cannot recognize the cinnamon note, or the orange note. I really do like this it's fruity and tangy. laffy taffy scent. I was deciding between this one and Vanilla Bean Noel and I feel like I should have got that one....I always do that when im shopping! Either way, it's a nice candle.


Candy Apple: Wallflowers tend to smell a little different then the candles. This holds true for this one...I personally am not a huge fan of apple scents and since I smelled the candle in the store, I knew I liked it. With the wallflower, it is overly appley. I am saying that I am throwing them away and not looking back, they make the room smell better so whatev's, now I know

Marshmallow Fireside: Toasted Marshmallows and sweet Vanilla cream wrapped in  the aroma of rich, smoldering woods- You know how I feel about this one. I have had both the candle and the wallflower before and I love them the same and they actually smell the same.

Cinnamon Sugared Donut: A delicious combination of crushed cinnamon & vanilla cake donuts with a dusting of sugar- Yum!

Vanilla Bean Noel AntiBacterial Hand Soap- A warm bland of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, and rich comforting cream- I wish I would have gotten this candle...the description sounds amazing.

Mini Body Sprays

Country Chic: A carefree blend of sparkling citrus and country wildflowers that is naturally beautiful and effortlessly chic - I have the lotion so I figured why not get a small pairing.

Be Enchanted:Frosted florals sweetened with sparkling, sugared pomegranate inspired by all that glitters- I am in love with this! If Dark Kiss and Paris Amour had a baby, it would be this puppy.

**Just a quickie, My friend Alex was over while I was ordering and i suggested her to get the Dark Kiss Body Butter because I love it so much, I forgot to take a single picture.

Did you guys get anything from the 75% off sale? They still have stuff left btw!!! Do you think I am insane from all of my B&BW hauls I have? I do, haha!


$@B!N@ said...

I absolutely lovee winter candy apple, and the marshmallow..I got them a while back in December. Hopefully they have similar scents this year. I LOVE BBW, just pick up some things on their semi-annual sale:)

Erica J said...

oh man, I missed their sale and I was not a happy girl, LOL! the marshmallow is my absolute favorite! yum yum! I wanna drink it or pour it over an ice cream sundae!

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