Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Jewelmint Order

Hey guys! To me, Jewelmint was always one of those novelty websites where it's fun to see your style profile but you never really order. For me, it was just a little too expensive. Well, Jewelmint are some smart puppies! I found a 70% off code right here on allthatglitters21 channel for first time customers! For $9, how could I pass this up? I have been always wanting to check them out so let me show you what I got.

I got the Lost Treasure Bracelet. I wanted something that was going to be timeless but also trendy- I also wanted it to go with everything I own so this was perfect as it has both silver and copper in it. I really love how vintage it is. The bracelet was inspired by a bracelet Kate Bosworth & Cher Coulter (jewelmint girls) found in a vintage shop. I also think it would be a really great bracelet to layer with other bracelets: silver, copper, a cute tweed bracelet- even gold. It will seriously go with anything. I love it.

Another thing I love about the bracelet is that it is really easy to put on and take off. It has a magnetic clasp which is genius. Why didn't any other jeweler think of that, yah no? Im sure alot of them have but I feel like that should be standard.

The bracelet is really nicely made and I had a feeling it would be. But what I am really impressed with was the packaging it came in. It came in this mint green box (fitting) which is really sturdy & nicely made. It is one of those boxes your not going to wanna throw out. The box closes with a magnetic hinge is the best way I can put it. I have been keeping the box on the dresser and throwing little odds and ends in it every now and again. It will be a perfect addition to my new makeup desk (once it's done!)

Then, the bracelet came in a velvet black dust bag with a little charm on it that reads "jewelmint" which I thought was a great addition. I really think this made the whole purchase "over the top" 

in case you haven't checked out my OOTD here's a quick picture of the bracelet showcased.

All in all, I would pay $30 for any of their other pieces of jewelry, however, HollyAnnaree has some really great videos once a month showcasing her favorite pieces from Jewelmint and she will tell you straight up whats made well, whats not- plus you get a million pictures of them on a video so I suggest checking out her videos too before you purchase....unless you want this Lost Treasure Bracelet, then your good to go (:

Have you guys ordered from Jewelmint? What did you get? Will you order now that you found the 70%?!?


Melanie said...

Love the bracelet! I became a Jewelmint subscriber when they were having 50% off for new members + one free piece. I love the necklace I chose (the cavalier crest pendant), but to be honest I don't find a lot of their pieces very appealing. The free one I got was pretty terrible and I ended up giving it away haha. I finally ended my subscription this month since I was skipping every month anyway =p I would totally pay for a piece if it was 70% off though since there a couple that I like!

Erica J said...

oh really? well thanx for letting me know! i have noticed it is kinda hit or miss with them quality wise, which is why i always watch the video's from the girl Holly I linked, she always is my jewelmint middle man haha

Kumiko Mae said...

love the bracelet! it looks so unique and slightly medieval :D

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