Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Broadway Nails Stick On Wraps

I have been wanting to try these nail stickers since they came out last year but at $8 a pop I never did.....I really do wanna try Sally Hansen's still but these Broadway Nail's Stick On Wraps were a steal at Wal-Greens. I paid like $3

They were pretty easy to put on. They have step by step instruction's on the back of the box telling you the right technique to make them pretty and level. I really loved them! For the first couple of hours, at least. I did have a pretty active day that day. I had a vet appointment with Stella, but what really ruined my fresh Broadway Nail Mani was me finishing up my nail polish rack. They didn't hold up and the stickers came off quite easily once they chipped (for lack of a better word) at the tip of my nail. The box never did tell me to seal it with a top coat or anything like that, but next time I definitely will be putting a top coat on. I think they will last at least a couple of days with the top coat.

Will I buy these again? Yes! I love the idea! it's such a modern & fun way to do your nails! I actually got a compliment on them at the beginning of the day. The compliment did come from my best friend Alex but I know she really thought they were cute by her reaction. Plus they are cheaper then Sally Hansen's. Although I would love to try her's. They do go on sale but those are just the solid color ones and to me, whats the point? yah no? If you see these anywhere, try them out! I do recommend trying out cheaper ones (like Broadway Nails) your first time because it does take some practice...but honestly, not much at all. There not overly difficult to use but it does take a couple of nails to get used to it.

As you can see by this blurry photo, they are not perfect. The thumb has a bubble at the top. Not sure if you can tell but I was in a rush that morning and was planning on taking more pictures later that evening but like I said, they didn't last. You. Need. A. Top. Coat. That's the best piece of advice I can give to you guys....and myself!

I have some stickers left over and I am not sure if they are going to fit each nail but I do wanna try them again. I'll fill yah in on twitter next time I take a shot at these! 

Have you guys tried these nail stickers? Did you have a good experience?
Till Next Time
Erica J


Michelle said...

I have never tired the nail stickers but they look great on you.

This Brunette Speaks

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'm so glad you stopped by, I'm now following you back! I love your blog, love makeup and everything to do with it:)


Cami said...

I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much! http://camigmakeup4u2c.blogspot.com


Erica J said...

thanx Michelle! you should check them out! esp. if you never used them before, they are a fun new way to do your nails!

i love Something Nice & pretty! as a fairly new blog, it is seriously amazing! thanx so much for stopping over to Meet Makeup

Cami i am headed over there now (: thanx for the heads up girly!

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