Monday, January 2, 2012

NOTW: Loralei's Tiara

The other day I went to Sally's just for some nail polish. I had an itch to buy some polish like never before for some reason. When I got there I was browsing around for a good one when China Glaze caught my eye. It was the most beautiful glitter polish I have ever seen. Very finely milled silver glitter with beautiful blue chunky glitter every now and again sprawled out in the mix. I had to have it. But I have bad luck when it comes to glitter polish. I always need like 7 coats and it still doesn't cover my whole nail. Naturally, I open it to see exactly how much glitter is in the polish. I notice that there is plenty and I am sold.

I needed only 2 coats (yep, your looking at 2 coats) and it dries really quickly which was another +. Since glitter polish is so hard to take off with nail polish remover, I found that if I put a top coat on top of it and peel it off a couple days later, it all comes of in one piece. Peeling off my polish is liberating for me.

 I have been into glitter polishes lately for some reason- I think it is because of  Loralei's Sparkly Head Piece!  

What is your favorite glitter polish????

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Erica J


LifeLover said...

I love so many glitter polishes!!! I think is one of my favorite type of nail polish!

My favs are: OPI Teenage dream, OPI Last Friday Night, China Glaze Snow Globe, China Glaze Tinsel Town and OPI Divine Swine (I have a post where I did a NOTD

Erica J said...

oh cool thank you so much for answering the ? !!! i will be sure to check out the notd

Isabel said...

How sparkly and pretty! :) Just wanted to let you know that I'm following and that I gave you the "Kreativ Blogger Award". I hope you haven't received it yet. Have a great day!

Sabrina and Geneviève said...

Omg I have to go get it :o! My favorite glitter polish is the OPI crown me already from the Miss Univers collection :)

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Looks so pretty!
One of my favorite glitter polishes is Sinful color's "nail junkie" over Sinful Color's "gorgeous"

BTW I got my package Today & everything came in one piece :)

Erica J said...

Isabel ---what?!?!?!??! omg thank you so much!!! I just got my first award the other day (not the kreativ on) and i am already getting a second one? that is too sweet of you and thank you so so so so much!

Sabrina- sounds right my alley! (: tiara's and crowns are one in the same lol

Tiffany- yay!!!!! so happy it cam all in one piece! i was nervous about that so so glad it's all good! cant wait to hear about it on the blog!

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