Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of 2011 in Review: Avon's Smooth Minerals Foundation

Hey there! I was going to do a whole post of best 2011 products but I haven't really reviewed any of the products I love but I have included them in favorites. I figured this would be a lot more helpful to give an extensive review on the stuff I loved (& still love) last year. Be on the look out for a couple more of these in the next few weeks!

As one of my absolute favorites I cannot believe I haven't mentioned it yet. I use this on a daily basis weather it's using it over a liquid foundation or using it all by itself on those days I want to let my face breathe. Here we go:

Skin Type: I have skin that is ance-prone and for the most part, oily. It can become dry sometimes. My skin has a mind of it's own! I also have acne scarring and discoloration.

Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation by Avon

"Get the perfect amount every time! No more mess, no more spills. Our innovative design dispenses a single application…with no waste. Medium coverage. Natural luminous finish. Now includes mirror. Made with pure mineral pigments for luminous color. Free of talc, oil and fragrance so it’s great for sensitive skin. .2 oz. net wt."

Price: Regular price is $12 but 9 times out of 10 you can find a sale. In this case, they are on sale right now for $7.99

Where to Find it: I recommend finding a rep in your area on because I percentage of the price will go to her (or him). If you order from a rep, you don't have to pay shipping either. I have had experience selling avon, and I do know that I liked to put all my orders in at once. So if someone ordered from me on the 8th of the month, and I dont put in the order until the 18th, they wont be getting it as quickly as they would if they simply ordered online.  If not, you can order it online from One con about it is that Avon isn't sold at any store, once in a blue moon you may find a kiosk in your local mall but that's not too likely. So there are pro's and con's to each way of going about it.

Thought #1: They mention it's medium coverage but I do get pretty full coverage - I guess a perfect way to describe it would be medium to full as it covers discoloration, makes my skin all one tone. Some breakout's that I have on my face tend to create a red bump so I like to use concealer because Smooth Minerals powder will not cover them fully.  I do like to wear this over liquid foundation, but I prefer to wear it alone. It is extremely light weight when I wear it alone.

Thought #2: I personally have 2 different shades that I like to mix together to get the perfect shade for my skin tone. I highly recommend using 2 shades as our skin tone changes depending on the season and other variables. I have been using the same 2 shades all year round and how ever I need to mix and match they have been doing so perfectly. 

Thought #3: Something else I really love to do is mix it with a liquid foundation. I used to mix it with Revlon Colorstay as it was a few shades too dark a few months ago and Smooth Minerals blends perfectly with it to create the perfect pigment. The next picture is Soft Ivory Smooth Minerals mixed with my Neutrogena Healthy Glow
 here's what you get when you mix it together- not saying this is the color of my skin tone by any means, I just wanted to demonstrate that it will blend well and also get the color you want

Thought #4: The packaging it comes in is a great idea as it dispenses just enough for 2 application's for me.  I really love it because I feel like I am not wasting any of it. It has a stopper to dispense just enough. I find that I need to shake it 2x, which is fine. It does say to just simply shake the package for powder to dispense, but I like to tap the top of the package on the counter- It works better. The next picture I have is in the shade Light Beige

Thought #5: I like to apply this with a flat top kabuki. I do not tap off the excess when I apply it. I find that it works much better when I don't. Maybe that's the trick to get medium to fuller coverage as opposed to how is is advertised, medium coverage.

Thought #6: When I wear it alone, it doesn't look cakey or powdery on my skin. It seriously makes my skin look flawless. I actually get comments from time to time from people that know me saying my skin looks flawless.

Overall: It is my favorite powder foundation but the one con about it is that I cannot easily go down to the drugstore and pick one up, I have to order it too, which I can't say that I mind too too much. If you are willing to order it and wait a week or so. I am running out and I luckily know an avon lady so I will be putting my order in soon enough, along with some other must haves.

I hope my review was thorough and simple! If you have any ?'s, please feel free to leave a comment! Other wise I would love to know: 

What is your favorite powder foundation? What is your favorite Avon product?


LauraMck said...

Wow this looks fab!! I've never tried anything from Avon .. I may put this on my list!! xx

Erica J said...

i good yeah you gotta try it! I love anything from the smooth minerals line- the mascara is awesome as well

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