Saturday, February 5, 2011

About Me

Hey people this is my first blog and the reason for the blog is mainly because I sell Mark. & Avon so I wanted to do something where you can find reviews and How-To's and things like that. People always ask me "how do you get your hair to do that?" or "I love your makeup!" so there will be things of that nature in the blog. I also love to cook and I love to read and watch movies so check me out for those type of things too. I go to school for interior design so im sure theres gunna be stuff of that nature as well. I hope you all love it and if you think it can use anything please just comment and let me know. Im going to start it off with a ?'s Post on "About Me" (hence the title of the post)
1. I was born Oct 8th 1986 so that would make me 24. Imabout 5'4 about 140 lbs (trying to lose the lbs!) I have brown eyes and brown hair but I actually have blonde highlights in now. **Fun Fact** I write with my left hand! 
2. Tattoos None but i really want one! Either angel wings on my shoulder blades or an E in lower case on my wrist. Ive wanted that since i turned 18 but i did'nt want to get it because most of my friends that got a tattoo at that age regret it tremendously! I guess I wouldnt have but i did want to think about it long and hard ... now i just need the $
3. Are You Named After Anyone? - Yes i am named after my Uncle Rick who died in a freak accident 2 months before I was born. My mom calls my Ricky & actually when my Mumum (dad's mom) died last summer I got to meet someone else who is named after my Uncle Rick as well which I thought wads kinda kool
4. I smoke ciggs. Its an awful habit. I encourage nobody to pick up a cigg ever in their life
5. Gum: Spearmint
6. Spring or Summer. I think spring tho
7. Warm. I used to live in Vegas and i miss the weather most of all...
8. Pink!
9. Ralph Lauren Ralph has always been my go-to perfume. But i love Falling In Love By Philosohy. Fergies Outspoken (by Avon)
10.  ButterFinger or StarBurst
11. Pepperoni and Xtra cheese!
12. Mango's! - what ever is in season tho
13. Broccoli i guess i love veggies tho
14. Thats a tough one- ALL! do i have to pick just one?
15. 17, Self, Marie Claire- any beauty mag or self mag.
16. reality shows. Kenrda, Kardashians, Real World Challenges, Real Housewifes of BH to name a few.
17. Friday! no more work get to do whatever i wanna do all weekend! yo ho!
18. hmm.. i guess ..i dunno May?
19. Christmas!! I just love the spirit and decorating the tree and makin cookies and all the candles and bath & makeup products that come out! I love snuggling up with some hot chocolate- its the best. It reminds me of being little for some reason- IDK i think maybe because it feels whimsical
20. 8- i was born on the 8th and IDK i just like 8 for some reason
21. I dont really like sports- I honestly could care less about them. I dont like watching any on TV but i love going to games. I would have to say mine is baseball b/c its nice out and we can hang outside and then secondly i like going to basketball games and oddly enough I participate in March Madness bracket's, Although I dont really care about basketball & I really dont care for gambling either...weird I know
22. Hydrangia- so pretty but i love all flowers

 I hope you can get to know me a little but better and decide you wanna follow me! either way have a wonderful day babes!

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