Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Physician's Formula

Hey ladies and zombie! I hope everybody is having a great holiday weekend! Happy Easter or Passover! I wanted to do a little bit of a review, I haven't done anything makeup lately, so my blog is missing it (and so am I). Physician's Formula is one of my favorite brand's in drugstore's. I have had the Cashmere Bronzer for quite some time but I just got the Happy Booster blush a couple day ago, I have wanted it for a long time!

Cashmere Bronzer (in the lightest shade) - So I have been tanning for a couple weeks (which I have sensitive skin, I have found the Perfect Face Tanning Lotion which I will include in my favorites) and when I got this product it was too dark for my face, I hated it. (I was NC15). Now that I am a couple shades darker, I think it is the perfect bronzer. I comes with a little mirror and a little bronzer brush. I just use my big bronzer brush but the mirror comes in handy throughout the day. It is supposed to make your face feel soft and nourished and it is very soft on my skin. It also last's about 8 hours with primer and liquid foundation on my face- I did pay about $12 One thing about this product that I did not like- I am expecting the packaging to stay in tact! With this one, it did not- The compact was glued together, not bolted. The packaging is really cute, just didn't stay together.  Also, the pan fell out of the compact!!  Would I purchase this again? I like the color- it is perfect for my skin color (now) and also it does feel very lightweight and soft....but it fell apart on me....I would rather try something else. I love Physician's Formula and I dont think I am ever going to stop buying it because aside from this poorly made item, Physician's Formula is one of my favorite brands.
                you can kinda see where is ripped in this picture

Happy Booster Blush (in natural)- When I heard it smelled really good, I knew I wanted to try it just because of that. On top of that, packaging is so cute-a chrome pink. The hearts that make up the blush color are really pretty as well. I really like how it 's 5toned and not just one color. This blush is perfect for layering. Depending on how blushing you would like to look for the day (or night) you can layer it on- It is really beautiful.  It isn't too heavy at all either, nice and light but it really does give you a natural blush to your cheeks. the Natural color is basically my dream blush color. They also use natural plant extract's that are supposed to help protect your skin & that give you the same effect of endorphins (and endorphins make you happy!) I don't really know about all of that- I just know I love the color, the formula, and the scent as well so then yes, it does make me Happy! lol.  This also comes with a mirror and a little brush. . Would I purchase this again? absolutely! I really am so Happy I bought this Happy Booster!

Here's some swatches of them: (sorry, not the best but I hope you guys can see it ok!, let me know!)
  without flash


Lindsie Lee ♥ said...

Love Physicians formula!

Zombie said...

Sounds so scientific!

RinaMarie said...

I use the eye brightener.. the white one. Under my brow and in the corner of my eyes. I love the way it looks. Its a beauty secret that everyone always asks me about!! I love Physicians Formula.

Erica J said...

Zombie- I try my best with all of the claims from companies and try to incorporate them into my review!

Rina Marie- I wanted to try that! I will have to be pickin some up soon! thanx for stoppin by and letting me know!

Andrea D said...

i love Physician's Formula but its fallen apart on me too before..=(

Thanks for following me hunni

LifeLover said...

Hi, I would love to know where i can buy the blush of hearts, on NY or in ORLANDO, beacause I am going there for vacations and I would like where to buy the blush, I am really interested...

Well I love your blog, please follow my blog... Is

Erica J said...

you can purchase the Physician's Formula Blush almost anywhere- Wal-Greens, Walmart, CVS, Target, Rite Aid-

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