Friday, July 12, 2013

Hard Candy Party Central Glitter NOTW

Seriously, Hard Candy is the first isle I go down to browse in the makeup section at WalMart. They always have eye catching packaging and inventive products. Especially their nail stuff. The only drugstore brand I know of that has a Matte top coat. I like using it over glitters. Like here and here. This spring, they came out with the Candy Sprinkles line, which has a whole range of glitter polishes with pastel, creamy base colors. Remember Cotton Candy Pink?  And again, I don't see any other drugstore brand doing that. When Hard Candy comes out with a glitter polish, *trust* that they are not skimping on the glitter. 

Along with the Candy Sprinkles line, Hard Candy also came out with the Crystal Confetti line. A ton of glitter polishes with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors in each bottle. The Crystal Confetti line was where Party Central was born. 

Party Central is suspended in a clear base with round baby glitters, medium sized hexagon glitters, and large hexagon glitters in different jewel tones. Purple, blue, green, gold, and copper. But what sold me on this polish was the white glitters in the polish. The white glitter's don't really sparkle. I think it adds that extra dimension with those glitters being a completely different finish in conjunction with the other jewel toned glitters that actually sparkle in the light. Aside from all of the other sizes I mentioned the pieces of glitter's are, they have an even bigger sized glitter {hexagon shaped} here and there that are no other color then that striking, opaque white. I mean, I can't. Typing out this paragraph a week later makes me want to take off my nail polish and put Party Central back on. But I don't have any nail polish remover. Moving on....

Your looking at 2 coats of Party Central. I told you, they are not skimping on glitter. It is over top a baby pink nail polish with a cream finish. A nail polish by Nailene. Honestly, I got the Nailene polish at WalMart for 50 cents. There is nail polish on the cap of it and had no price tag, so they practically gave it to me. I believe it was in a french manicure kit because it says "French Manicure" on the bottle. It's nice for a french manicure, yes. It is quite sheer because of that. But who really cares about the Nailene polish? 

When it comes to wear, it started chipping after a couple days and that was when I just peeled it off. I do it every time. I need to start wearing a top coat. 

Aside from the said nail polish lines Hard Candy decided to come out with, they also have a couple more. Glitterazzi which basically doesn't even look like there is any base in the bottle, clear or creamy. It just looks like straight up glitter. Itzy Glitzy looks like different duo chrome nail polishes which are also glitters. And another, Crushed Chromes, which looks similar to Itzy Glitzy line if you ask me, but just as gorgeous. 

Have you tried any of these nail polishes from Hard Candy?



Zara said...

that is so so so so so so so so pretty! ^^

Stacey Kane said...

so pretty! I'm obsessed with sparkly nails, LOVE this xx

Erica Jackson said...

zara- i know! haha

stacey- me too! do you have hard candy in the uk?

Delicous S. said...


i followed you on GFC,bloglovin..hope you follow me back

Love xx

Nature With Nurture said...

I have this too and I love it!

Nature With Nurture

Erica Jackson said...

hi Mia! thank you so much (: i would happy to check out your blog

Jennifer: it is so gorgeous!

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