Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jelly Sandwich Manicure

Have you guys heard of this? When I was over at Miranda's blog, I seen her do one and I immediately needed to know what a jelly sandwich was!

It is a manicure that is layered like so: sheer polish/glitter/sheer polish.
Not knowing what a jelly mani was a couple weeks ago, I was visiting all of my NOTW only blogs & seen a manicure that was in jelly sammi formation but with a matte polish on top of that. I never even knew I liked matte polishes until I seen this manicure. I wish I could link it but I can't remember where I seen it ): Anyway, it looked incredible!

I used Sally Hansen Hard Core Party & China Glaze Prism

ok quick question? why is that milky light bridal pink called "Hard Core Party"? yah no? Thats a really misplaced name if you ask me. Moving on.

When I first tried it I almost felt like I was breaking a covenant (dramatic) putting a cream finish polish over my glitter. Once I did so, I was pleasantly surprised! As you can tell, the sheer cream finish makes the glitter muted down in a really flattering way! The colors of the glitters in China Glaze's Prism are colors of the rainbow however, because of the purple base you could barely tell when worn by itself.  Here's a really good picture of the glitters up close:

 If there ever was a pastel glitter nail polish, I could fit this manicure into that category

I reminds me of Revlon's Whimsical or Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. If you follow these links you can see the polishes in action and you will see that they have a different finish.

here's some swatches from another blog of those 2 for comparison

or Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop. Pastel Glitter at its best if you ask me. Yum. I want that.
lippmann candy shop
swatch of candy shop from another blog

Yay for Beauty Blog Link Love!

Ok guys, I am clearly getting way of topic (no surprise there!) so just let me know if you guys have tried the jelly mani or if you want to and what glitters/polishes you would use!

 Sending you Glitter's & Kisses!

Love You All!


Ashley said...

I love this! defiantly going to try out a 'jelly sandwich'

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

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