Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's In My May BirchBox?

Hey ladies! Birchbox time!! I just wanna say that I am loving this service so much and for $10 a month a cant think of a better way to try something new! So on the the *Haul*

So it seems like they have been going with theme's every month and last month was for *Earth Day and this month is *Mother's Day

  • Stila Eyeshadow in Coco- this is the reason I signed up for this was to get makeup products! So this was awesome to get, it's an $18 dollar shadow (this is not a sample, this is the regular size shadow) This is going to be perfect for my inner corner & liner, and because it is a matte color it will be great to fill my brows as well. Only downside (if there really is one) is that it didnt come with a pot and I don't have a palette to stick it in but I mean for this price, I am not complaining one bit!

  • Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir- "The Italian fragrance house's latest winner has waves of ripe fruit with a base of heady jasmine" is what the card reads- My first impression was woah this is expensive because in the sample it has a spray thing as opposed to taking off the cap! I sprayed it on my wrist and I thought it smelled like an old rich lady...*no*...After a few hours I was catching whiff's of it here and there & I realized it was the perfume. I really liked it after it dried down, I cant describe the scent (so I suppose they description is good enough) but it is a very sophisticated,complex scent. It smells really rich but also it smells delicious after a while- Not something I would have bought on my own, but it's not bad at all.
  •  Archipelago Pomegranate Soap- "A triple-milled ultra smooth soap loaded antioxidant-rich white tea and pomegranate to gently clean hands & body" I have not tried this yet, however I am exited to! when I opened the box this scent came bursting out! I love the detail on the bar of soap too- well played on their part (:
    • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream- "This satiny cream is rich without being heavy, and sinks into skin for major therapeutic benefits" If anybody watches Miss Glamorazzi on you-tube you will know this brand- she always raves about this hand cream. I didn't think it was bad at all- yes it is silky, I dont think it is greasy. I had my friend Alex test everything with me and she loved this *but* thought it was a bit greasy- It smells clean, It's nice. Also wanted to point out it has dead sea mineral's in it- huge plus

    •  Treat Tiny Prints Card-Just a card you can write what you want in! cute, too bad I didn't have this on mother's day or I would have givin it to my momma! I also get another another free card & get %50 off of any additional purchases- is the site if anyone's interested 
     Card Opened:

    All of this for $10 is not a bad deal at all! I encourage everyone to sign up! Who dosent like a little present every month on their doorstep?  No 2  Birch Boxes are the same it seems like, so what did you guys who get BirchBoxes get in yours?


    Zombie said...

    My girlfriend would love this!!

    Erica J said...

    You can also send one as a gift too! I think thats a great idea for guys wanting to do something special - go to: & from there you will see that there is an option to send one!! Trust me, you would be the best boyfriend ever Zombie!

    Christina said...

    What a neat idea! I am totally looking into this
    Thanks for the info...xo

    Summer said...

    Oh you are so lucky, I hope Birchbox starts delivering internationally :(


    Erica J said...

    yeah no problem guys! Summer- Boo! i didnt know that they dont ship internationally! hopefully soon! you can always write to the company and see if there's something they can do!

    janelle said...

    @Summer where are yiu located? I wasn't happy with May's box. i mean i still love it lol just wasnt that excited!! Love the stilla!

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