Friday, May 20, 2011

Get Kelly Osbourne's Look - For Less!

While watching Chelsea Lately the other night, Kelly Osbourne was the guest and she looked so cute! her style is so cute and unique- this was my favorite look I have seen in a while, I just had to find out how to replicate that awesome outfit she was wearing! Below is a collage I took the liberty of making (it was so much fun!)-

  • Shoes-I am not too sure what/who she's wearing *but* I found those shoes to the right of the picture that I thought were just as awesome-pair of sparkly pumps that look comfy enough to wear considering the platform where the ball of your foot is. Steve Madden's Caryssa Shoe for $132- not extremely cheap but im sure Kelly's are much more expensive

  • Necklace- So simple & easy plus it goes with the ribbon theme. I found one just as cute on the Forever 21 site for $4.80 it's called: Opaque Beaded Ribbon Necklace
  •  Shirred Khaki Skirt from the Gap to replicate her khaki skirt $18 not bad for a khaki skirt!
  • I love the ribbon theme- all different textures and colors of each one I think makes the outfit. As far as the ribbon in her hair, I thinkit looked awesome on her...but she's going on Chelsea Latelyand im...going to the mall or work or to just go and hang out- I dont need that huge thing in my hair so I found these also on the Forever 21 website in a set of two Lace Bow pins. Much more wearable for meand i think it brings a touch of uniqueness with something a little bit different.
  • The bag she's wearing is the Mui Mui 1862 Black Sequined Tote-This bag cost $238. I found my bag on Macy' with a metallic under-layer shining through the diamond and teardrop perforations on this unique purse from AK Anne Klein. was 89$ but now on sale for $65
  • The belt Kelly is wearing is the Linea Pelle Black Wide Sectioned Waist Belt which is up for grabs for around $150 if im not wallet hurts just thinking about a belt that expensive so I found this Scalloped Stretch Belt on for $6.80. I actually think the cheaper one is cuter! With the Forever 21 Belt the buckle matches the bronze theme going on and it is also a great color blocking piece.  
  • Lastly but not least is her awesome top. The top was what really made me love her whole look I think. I love the thick stripes & I wanted to find something with thick stripes because the top is a great color blocker because of that, do you know how hard it is to find a 3 quarter length top with thick stripes? Its really hard haha so I decided to just stick with the LA Made Paulina Stripe top in Black which I found on for around $50. What I like about the LA Made top is the sleeves, how they kinda poof at the shoulder- very on trend.
    So yeah guys, theres my first  Dress For Less post which was so much fun to make! *what do you all think? I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a great day too and thanx for stopping by!

    Top the look off with a pretty coral lipstick like she did-
                                                                                                                 Lipstick Image Courtesy of

    One Last Thing:
    I found this on Amazon for around $30 afterward, I thought it was a perfect example of Kelly's look: pic sux- i know! It gets grainy if I blow up the pic too much so enjoy..hopefully!


    Zombie said...

    Super cool shoes!!

    Dale said...

    Great post, she's been dressing really nice the last couple years. She looks hot, thanks for the tips to copy her look. xoDale

    Erica J said...

    I know she has really made an awesome transformation- looking to her for fashion is a great idea these days- thanx so much for stopping by and im so glad you like it! I had a lot of fun creating the pics and researching this post!

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