Friday, May 27, 2011

Candy Bars....that are Healthy?! -Grocery Shopping Ideas

Do you love sweets? candy? chocolate? ice cream? but you wanna fit into that bikini on monday, don't you?  so what should you do? cave and go crazy on junk? or should you eat healthy food and skip the sweets? You don't have to choose anymore....I have found the ultimate junk food/good for you list! Some of you may know if you visit my blog regularly, as of about 4 months ago I started trying to eat alot healthier and exercising on a daily basis I have really found some great foods- a lot of these are even better than any other dessert...without A Million Calories!

  • Oreo Dipped Delight Bars- I usually dont really care for Oreo's but these could be mistaken for a candy bar that would rival a Snicker's any day...they are literally delicious about only 100 calories! Ok so not exactly an actual candy bar but if I fed you this along with a milky way you wouldn't know the difference! The cream in it isnt reminiscent of the original Oreo- it is much gooey-er and hits my sweet tooth harder *and* did I mention only 100 calories? where can you find these? I find them in my diet/health food section
**Please dont mind my un-personal images! my mom took the camera, so I found these online! Boo!**

  • Cheesecake bars- Wow! they are hard to explain, but they are really delicious. It does remind me of cheesecake! - again only 100 calories with these. where can you find these? I find them in my diet/health food section. Usually they have a deal like 2 for $5 so you can grab these and the Oreo bars together.

  • Skinny Cow Truffle Bars- although these are expensive at around $6-7 and if you like Italian gelato and would pay that much for it then I suggest you try these out. The hard chocolate that is drizzled on the bar melts in your mouth- they are much creamier than ice cream- My favorite on the list are these! where can you find these? I can only find these in half of the grocery stores I go to, but I have seen them in many Wal-Green's- so that much is true! and trust me guys, they are worth the hunt

    • Another delicious snack is Cottage Cheese and throw some Peaches on your Cottage Cheese- I am not talking about that cottage cheese that grows on the legs (trust me I have plenty of it!) who dosen't like Peaches and Cream? and yah never know the more cottage cheese you eat, the less you will have growing off of your body!

    • Gushers- Love these & im sure you all know what they are but instead of the starburst with no nutritional value, Gusher's are a low calorie treat, low fat, and are actually high in Vitamin C. you know that stuff that gushes out? that is actually fruit juice concentrated from pears!

      • Angel Food Cake- there are 0 grams trans fat in Angel Food cake plus it is delicious especially with fruit of your choice on top. I think Strawberries go great with Angel Food Cake!

        • String Cheese! yum! nothing like a string cheese to make my day a little more whimsical and make me feel like a kid! There are 80 calories in each stick but the calories from fat are around 50...not a good look for string cheese but you do need dairy daily! so honestly, its better than a cheese steak! right?

        • Edy's Creamy Coconut Bars- 120 calories per bar with 25 calories from fat also have 3 (mg) protein and %8 calcium...after all of the boring stats about the coconut bars I need to tell you that is you like coconut..and creamy goodness...these are going to be your new bestie!

          • Lastly, I love banana's I usually eat one a day and I found this nice good for you snack along with recipe: 
          • Break 1 graham cracker square into 2 rectangles.Top each piece with 1/4 teaspoon Nutella. (Nutella is a hazelnut spread made out of natural ingredients.) Then slice a banana and sprinkle toasted shredded coconut. Makes: 1 serving Per serving: 71 calories. What you get: Potassium.

          • While hunting for these pictures online I found a blog that offers a Clean Eating Recipe Index wow this list is long and has food for every and any body! If your on a healthy journey like that link!


          geishcharles said...

          i love food posts! i followed you:) xox

          Erica J said...

          oh good! thanx for stoppin by! These snacks are also not bad for you either! some of them are actually good for yah!

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