Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Favorites!

From the left to the right-

Femme Couture Mineral Effects in Sandy Beach- (You can barely see this one in my picture!) This is a matte loose eye shadow powder. I love this as a base. After my primer and before my shadow- I put this on my lid. It does have lasting power and although I don't usually like loose shadow I happen to love this one. It is a really dense (but really soft) powder and it's just beautiful.

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural read this review here

L'Oreal Studio Line Hair Putty- I have been using this stuff for a few years now, I love this stuff. the texture isnt too sticky, it almost feels like lotion. However it is a little stickier than lotion but not too sticky. I love this to rub into my hair at my roots. I throw it in while my hair is damp then i use a big round brush to blow it out. It gives me nice volume at my roots. I always have a tub of this- It has been a favorite for quite some time

Finger Paints Polish in -Brushstroke Blush- OMG! I really really love this color! it is the perfect pale pink on my fingers!! I think this will be my favorite polish for months to come! I think this is a great dupe for OPI Sweetheart or Bubble Bath...So hard to capture the true color of this polish with my camera but I think I got it pretty good.....

ACT face tanner I only got a sample of this at my tanning salon because I was a bit skeptical, my face has a mind of it's own, very acne prone so I wasnt sure if this stuff was going to break me out or what. It is actually designed for your face to wear in the tanning bed and it's supposed to diminish pimples and acne scarring. It did make my scarring a little less noticeable but I think that is the tan and not the lotion. My skin tone is fair and although I do tan I burn at first. With this stuff my face didn't burn at all, it made it really tan which I really like. As for diminishing my pimples...I cant say it did that. I dont like using body lotion on my face in the bed (or in real life for that matter) so I think this is the perfect product for me. If you tan and your skin is sensitive I highly recommend this.
Maybelline- Lipstick color Born With It I dont know how I forgot about this one! It is my favorite favorite for April! It is the perfect pink lip color- a really good dupe for this would be MAC's creme cup but for half of the price!! Ive been wearing this under my Sexy gloss by Mark.
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So yah there you have it, my favs for the month! sorry so late! Im always late for favs tho aren't i?If anybody else did a favorites post, let me know in the comments! these are my favorite posts to read & video's to watch!!


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Love the polish!

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