Monday, May 23, 2011

CVS - %75 off! Hurry - Go Now!

Before you go...check out what I got! Lot of really expensive things for cheap! cha ching! haha but for real guys, my bill was $21.37- John Frieda, Essie, Almay, Sally Hansen- great products for a great price. I am so exited to get on with it and share it with everybody!This is the stuff I live for! Im sucha dork- (:

  • Essie Sand Tropez (nude) and French Affair (pink) I paid $3.89 for each and I saved $3.90...I love these pretty pale colors I cannot get enough of them! I never bought Essie polishes before because I just thought they were a little expensive, so I was exited to try these out- esp. the Sand Tropez. I dont have any other color like it. Really pretty and different- its nice to change it up once and a while!
  •  I also got the Sally Hansen in Yellow Kitty (paid $1.95 and saved $5.84) and I have been wanting to try it forever ever since I seen it on MissGlamorazzi's cupcake nail tutorial I thought it was really pretty- I actually posted it here I like this because it is a pastel as opposed to a true bright yellow - I dont like the bright yellows and if your into the pastel nails - this color is for you! Trust me, the picture of Yellow Kitty on my nails doesn't do it any justice. I dont think I have seen any other yellow like this yet anywhere- and *trust* I have been looking!

  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening Formula for soft thin nails. I have my avon nail hardener which comes off much more liquidy- which is a surprisingly great formula- then this one does. I have tested this nail hardener and I am on the fence with this one- I might review it if I do see any positive changes. This formula is time-released so maybe im not giving it enough time...I dunno. The promise is that it will provide nourishment and transform nails for 10 continuous days. it's been 2 days so far and I unfortunately don't see or feel change a huge change, like the Avon one however, I only paid $2.47 and saved $7.42! so it was nice to try it out anyways. For the $2.50 I paid, It's not bad at all

John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Conditioner- This was not part of the %75 off sale this was $7.29 but they have a deal right now for some John Frieda products that are $2 off so I paid $5.29. I have been hating my Tresemme conditioner- I feel like it weighs down my hair and makes it greasy after only a day or so, so I really wanted to try something different. My main thing when it comes to my hair is volume...I gotta have it! The promise John Frieda makes is that it "builds fullness at the roots; strengthens and conditions (lets hope so on the conditions part!) where needed for silky, full bodied hair." My hair tends to split at every single end of my top layer and in turn makes my top layer ends really frizzy! So I have high hopes for this-

Almay mascara One Coat Dial Up and Liner - for $2.12 bucks! what?!? I saved $6.37 with this! yay! I always need a new mascara and I was running low on liner so this was perfect. The brush for the mascara im not too fond of. at almost a buck a piece I really cannot complain. I personally like the first setting (there are 3 settings) on the mascara just because the higher the number goes, the more the mascara packs on to the brush...which means spider I really believe it is all about the brush, and it was a miss with this one. I do have really long lashes and what I look for in a mascara is a thicker wand with smaller "fingers" if you know what I mean...I hope. Regardless, not bad for two bucks. The liner is fine as well. Nothing special, but nothing horrible.

thats my haul- what did everybody else get at CVS? if you didn't get anything or didn't hear of the sale until now- go shopping and then come back and tell me EVERYTHING lol jk- but no it


Vanessa said...

I love love love this sale! Thank you for reminding me, I shall be stopping by my local CVS soon! Great buys, I really love the Essie colors.

Curves ahead makeup said...

so sad I didn't find anything I might go to another one tonight but luck in CA

Erica J said...

I had to go to 2 different CVS's, they didn't have anything in the one by my house! good luck!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

how i wish we also have cvs here in the Philippines. Awesome haul! followed your blog already. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi: D
You have a beautiful blog. I joined the blog, I hope you return.

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