Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birchbox Came!

yay! I love birch box! they keep on getting better and better every month! I am just going to jump right into it:

Kate Spade Twirl- We have all heard of top notes being that first scent when you spray a perfume you smell? The top and only top note to me is citrus! I really don't like citrus scents, so I didn't like this at first. After it dried down the citrus went away and it smelled quite nice. The top, middle, and base notes for this scent are all so very different. Many different dimensions to this! Love the packaging too. I actually wore this today and you know what it reminds me of? the Degree body spray in Classic Romance

Laura Geller Baked Blush N Brighten- First thought: sweet! a full size high-end blush which retails $30 in my box? I need to remind you that everything in this box adds up to ten dollars. Thanx BirchBox! It was originally a cream that was baked which made it a powder. Emily Noel always talks about Laura Geller so I was really exited to try this out.  If you haven't already, go check Emily Noel out! I love her channel! I do have to say its a bit shimmery so if you are going to purchase, I would recommend using a very soft hand with this- and don't forget to tap your brush! My skin is very fair so this was a good color for the summer- It may be a bit dark for those winter months for me

No Flash

Oscar Blandi Olio Di Jasmine Hair Serum- I have yet to use this but I am exited to try it out! I love hair products! Since creating this blog, I have really been getting into photography, thats why there are sometimes so many pictures! I cant pick just one to show you guys!

Pangea Organics Toner for Normal Oily Skin- I love the idea of this stuff: fair trade, Organic all that good stuff. It's a toner- I mean there's nothing really to this besides the fact that it is a huge sample, basically a travel size which is perfect. I can just throw this in my bag and use it as a refresher after the pool, or on your face throughout the day- If you are familiar with Mist Opportunity from Mark. it is basically the same thing. I also got a sample of the Facial Cream.

Herban Essentials Orange Towelette's -Last but not least (well maybe least) I received these, they are fine. They smell really orange-y! If you don't like oranges, your not going to like these! But the towelettes are really durable actually, and they kill germs so that's good....but yeah, they didn't really stand out too much. I don't want to be ungrateful tho because the box is awesome! nice *extra* touch then, birch box. Not of my best pictures ever but what-ev's you get the pun intended....actually yes it was intended lol.

This was by far the best BirchBox I have received! I urge you to sign up! for $10 a month, it doesn't get any better, honestly.


Anonymous said...

That Laura Geller baked blush looks gorgeous! I def have some pretty colors like that in my collection too that are only wearable in the summer. Thank goodness its beautiful weather and we can wear them now!
x Lauren

Melanie said...

Awesome box! I got a bunch of the same products as well (I've been using the Laura Gellar blush everyday...its amazing!). I wish I had gotten the hair serum you received instead of the one I got, though. I like it, but the Oscar Blandi seems to be a bigger sample size! lol

Erica J said...

Shawna, Lauren, & Sandi yes guys you fill out a form before you sign up and it all about complexion, taste, skin type, hair- all that. so i think the Birch Box may have known when to send what.

mel- ha! I feel the same way when I look at other people box! I get jealous lol, but I am really happy with my box this month-

thanx for stopping over girls!

Britta said...

For a while, I've been deciding whether I should sign up or not, but after looking at your post, I'm sold. I'm going to sign up as soon as possible! Thanks!

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