Friday, June 24, 2011

Nail Polish Collection

Hey Bloggers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I have been taking pictures for this post for about a week now. Wow! The colors are hard to capture esp. when they're all so similar sitting next to each other! But I think I got them...perfect actually! So yay! I have a big polish collection & I have been exited to share it with you guys and just let cha know what ones I love and opinions on the rest, so here goes: 

quick *note* I will mention the polishes from left to right, as pictured, so there's no confusion.
I keep all of my polish on the top of my dresser in this cute box I got from Victoria Secret- it was a set of a candle, lotion, and oil i think it was that came in this box- after 5-7 years I have had the box it is still really durable

Out of all the color's I have, I have the most pink ones! Some of which aren't pictured, my mom borrowed them
Essie French AffairI love this one, a really pretty pale, muted pink and the exact dupe for this one is the Finger Paints in Brushstroke Blush (pictured), You cannot tell the different between the 2 once painted on nail. 
Sally Hansen in Bubblegum Pink- I love this one too, another favorite. A couple shades darker than French Affair
Finger Paints in Brushstroke Blush- You can find this brand at Sally's
The color that is cut off is one I got for Christmas- and doesn't have a name
(2nd pic)
Covergirl in Sassy Strawberry 
China Glaze in Shocking Pink - Neon, but not as bright as the next one:
Nina Ultra Pro in Punki Pink - Neon pink which is perfect for the summer! I bought this at Sally's. Need a couple coat of this stuff- and since it is so neon, it goes on more matte than glossy- use a top coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Mint Sprint. yes it dries quickly and I love the brush. If you can picture a foundation brush, that's is what the brush on this one is like. It comes to a point, almost- which I really love the brush on it
Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet: Love these muted/pastel colors. My favorite Green I have
Avon Nail Wear in Jade

Avon Nail Wear in Vintage Blue: Another pastel. I love this one, and almost forgot about it! I have been wearing it all week! It like a perfect sky blue.
Sally Hansen in Blue me Away!: Its a nice bold blue.

 Yellows & Orange:
Maybelline Express Finish in Sunshine: Not a huge fan of this one. The color is a tad bit distorted in the picture but not by much. Its a bit brighter in person, I think it makes my nails look like i've been smoking a lot of cigarettes and they have stained my nails or something. 
Sally Hansen in Yellow Kitty: They shoulda named it like vanilla cake or cupcake or something I think, it's just cuter! either way, Its a muted/pastel yellow. It has the same brush as the Mint Sprint, which I love
Nina Ultra Pro in Solar Flare: I found this brand at Sally's Beauty. I wanted a Neon color that I could put on my toes for the summer when i'm tan, I just love neon's for summer. This is a nice color but once its on you def. need a top coat because it is matte, there's no shine to it at all! and be prepared to layer this color on!
Sally Hansen Sun Kissed: As the only orange, it's a nice orange punch for my collection

Sally Hansen in Lacey Lilac- My Favorite Purple
China Glaze in Flying Dragon - Described as neon on the bottle, This one has blueish glitter running through it. 
Icing in Preppy Purple- I compared/reviewed this one here
Avon Mirror Shine  in Polish- Love these although the polish goes on really thin, but they are pretty! I have this one in pink too
Avon Luxe Lavender- a tad bit darker than the Lacey Lilac

Avon Mirror Shine in Peach Ice:  I really like this collection from Avon. The colors look like metallic flakes on your fingers, they are really different. This one is nice. I just hate how you cant see the color through the bottle- sry guys
Essie in Sand Tropez: I love this. A pastel nude, perfect for me! 
Zoya in Jules: I got this in my BirchBox a few months ago, and this isnt one I would purchase on my own, but it is a pretty color and really different from any color I have, so that's a good thing.
Avon in Sheer French Pink: This is my second bottle of this, I love this for french manicures. I sometimes wear it alone as well.

 Blacks & Silvers: I hate to say that these ones never get used, mainly because they are all a bit old but I was so hip to the "dark nail" trend a couple years ago that will be making a come back by this fall! yay! I am exited about that.
Revlon in Patent Leather- black with sparkles  running thru it. actually im throwing this out- too gooey, it was my favorite polish when I bought it tho. I remember it was a good dupe for my private jet by OPI. I remember that because Kim Kardashian was shopping for it in the episode that she found that little dog (remember?) so I immediately had to have it- well at least a dupe
Finger Paints in Gallery Glam- yeah gooey as well because of how old it is. just black.
Finger Paints in Silver Sculpture- I bought this along with Gallery Glam and surprisingly this one isnt gooey. The formula is different I think its because of the metallic finish. Comparable to any of the Avon Mirror Shines as far as formula goes. Has a purple undertone to it
Pure Ice in Silver Mercedes- again very comparable to the Silver Sculpture as far as formula goes and color as well although this one is a truer silver

Reds- I have like 4 reds and they aren't pictured! Sorry guys i forgot about them because I never use them- i use one of them only to put the cherry on top of the cupcake

So yeah there's my collection and as we both learned I am a polish hoarder!  Ive seen posts like this and I think its a great idea to just see who has what and who recommends what so if you did a "polish collection" I would love to see it so please lemme know!
thanx for reading!


Melanie said...

Loving your nail polish collection! I'm still building mine up :) I've been looking out for that Essie color (sand tropez) because its so pretty and I love nude colors! I'll have to check my CVS. I love dark colors as well, but I never buy or wear them because of work. Almost all my nail polishes are pinks haha

Erica J said...

Oh yeah be sure to check out my CVS haul - I have swatches or NOTD there for sand tropez

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