Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspired by Kardashian's

So I was actually half-tempted to dedicate another blog to the Kardashian's..eh going a bit to the extreme tho lol- going a bit far but can we just make it a Kardashian month? Seriously, I have been so inspired by them since I watched the premiere on Sunday.

Kourtney's House- OMG Love it! Kourtney is definitely the more shabby chic one of the group, I love her new home! It has character! The white cabinetry, Blue Shutters, Love Love Love it! Her's is the most different house of them all.

I cannot find a pic of Kourtney's new house!! Damn! I wanted everyone else to gush with me! Oh well here's a picture of her that Is so beautiful! I love her makeup! I like the bright lip and bold eyes together, I def. wanna do a FOTD with this as inspiration!

Jenner's House Makeover- They did a beautiful job on the house, I absolutely love it! I actually do love the entry way tile at the Jenner's- black & white blocks. It reminds me so much of Cher Horowitz(s?) house. Clueless was my favorite movie growing up, I used to try to dress like her and I would do drawings of what I thought the rest of her house looked like! haha I was a dork even then! so the Jenner's house is a bit nostalgic for me, I have to say (: The decorator is Jeff Andrews.

Jenner's house. Dining room.

Jenner Kitchen: love that Back-splash & and the oven

Kim & Kris are so adorable we all know that she has been looking for love forever now, right? Having met all of her boyfriends (on television, of course) I have to say that they are cutest together. You can really tell they love each other- so exited to see what is to come with those 2. I think I like Kris as much as I like the Bruiser just from seeing the 2 minute clip of him at the beginning of the show, along with the trailer.

I found this on google, and the website mentioned this is a pic at the Jenner house the night they were engaged:

To just fill you in on my thoughts for the past Kardashian year: I didn't really get too much into Khloe and Lamar mainly because of Rob.....& Khloe... I have to admit. I however, did love and enjoy Kim & Kourtney Take NYC. It seems as if Kourtney is growing up (for lack of a better word) and we all used to hate Scott right?! Ever since K&K in NYC...maybe even a little before that- I can see Kourtney's attraction to him...he has a huge personality. My bf will even watch Kardashian's, and he will actually like it (trust me, its hard for him..more of a show for the girls) if Bruce & now if Scott are in it.
I love these Promo Pics- Khloe

So am I the biggest Kardashian/Blog dork for actually taking notes during the show?!? You dont hafta tell me, I already know (:

The shoes that Kim tripped on at the dinner...yes those have made an appearance on my blog before! The Spring Trends post a did a while back....

ah ha! great minds think alike...me and kim...are now besties! now only if I could start a shoe fund and actually buy them- Louboutin (mega) heel- it is too bad she tripped on them...I will let that slide. god I love her whole outfit at the dinner, she looked stunning. I just love Kim so much!

Whose Side Are You On?

Kourtney & Khloe vs. Kris - They are both kinda right- thats a tie

Khloe vs. Kim - Kim's - she was there for Khloe when she married Lamar after only like a month. And Khloe mentions that Kim is a "relationship girl"- I have to admit that I am the same way...I always have a boyfriend- I am happy that Khloe apologized to her in the end. So funny when she said "I ain't no basketball wife honey, he is a reality star husband" ha! that is so true! I honestly would not know who any of these athlete's are if it wasn't for the Kardashain's, would you?

Rob vs. Kim - Kim again for sure- Wow she looked like really pissed at him when she mentioned he's only is nice to her when he needs something...Idk what his problem has been but all I have to say to him and his attitude is no.

Favorite Kardashian for the season:
I think it's going to be Kourtney....or Kim.


Dale said...

I have to admit I watched this too and will all season. I think Kim and Kris were pretty cute together, I hope it lasts :) That was really funny when she tripped and her SHOES were SOO cute. Thanks for posting them. Nice


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in Italy this season has not yet arrived, but now I can "follow the season" following you...this is amazing =D

P.S -> I love the shoes O.o



Erica J said...

yay so exited about the season too Dale! (obviously) Lara I can def. keep yah updated babe! we can have like a little "chat" weekly if yah like (: so be sure to come back next week!

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