Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life Lately...

Hey bloggers! I have missed you guys so much! you probably didn't even realize that my computer had somewhat of a bug and had to go to the Dr. to get better. Now she's back (yes, it is a girl- Lila) and we have just been playing all day long!


Nice Weather- On my hiatus, me and my BF have been doing a lot of walking in the park. The weather has been beautiful lately here, hopefully you guys have had nice weather as well

Bon-Fires- Alex's (my bff) birthday was thursday so I threw her quite the party, which I only took one picture because we got a bit tipsy, ha! this picture is amazing! They look crazy, don't they? A monster even showed up to the bonfire!

I made these cute cup cakes for her party too- Love the paper lining! Its just angel food cake but I did make the icing: 6 oz Cream Cheese, 4 cups powdered sugar, 1 stick of butter and some vanilla- delicious. yes, I do realize that the icing is everywhere...! that's the beauty of it

My Header! Do you love it? I do! I spent some time on it last night and it was so much fun! I used Gimp, which is a free photoshop.I had to re-download it, cu when my computer was sick, it vanished...I think the Dr may have took it off of here either way....

Blog Parties- I have been obsessive with these! They have soo many for recipes & interiors but I haven't really found any for beauty bloggers which would be awesome if I could set one up, but I looked into it and it costs money!? what the hell is that about? I guess hosting any type of party isnt free.If you like recipes, interiors and that kind of stuff here's a cool one to check out: I Heart Naptime

And "hello!" to my new followers! I see a couple more have joined and I hope you have been having fun going thru all of the older posts! I hope it cheered your day up to Meet Makeup! (get it? ha! so clever!)


No outs! because I am staying on a positive note! I really have no outs to begin with- I dont wanna stress about any of any of the outs i have, well because why? there's no reason to put light on negative things, I got my computer back and for now, thats all that matters!

There is one topic that falls into an indifferent topic: I didn't get to do a Favorites last month just because I kinda feel like im a bit late in the game if I post it now. I have already received my birch box, so that tells me to skip the Favorites post and go on with the rest. Although I do have some favs for the month so let me know in the comments if you wanna see a favorites post....I think I might do one in a few days anyways after Birchbox, what ever. who made the Beauty Blogging etiquette anyways?

Thanks For Stopping By Guys! Have a good day!

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