Monday, August 15, 2011

1 Week in Diet & Exercise

Ok so im sure you guys know that I love photography, and if you don't well know you do!! Anyways, I love WeHeartIt and I typed "Fitness" into search it on WeHeartIt and this is what I found. These help me probably more than any other health regimen does just because these are so pretty. I am more of visual kind of person I guess- if you are visual like myself, then I hope these will help you as much as me! I think I may create little pictures like this to fit my own lifestyle. For now, these will do

So yeah I just think it is a really fun (& different) way to amp up your diet and exercise and stay on track while also rewarding yourself (: notice how there is only 6 days? i like it- I know, for me, I need to know that I am working hard for that 1 day a week break

So what do you guys think, gunna try any of these suggestions?


Gracey said...

Sounds like a plan! I've been working on being a vegetarian, so that's a big enough challenge for me haha.

Erica J said...

oh yeah I am the same way! My bff is a vegetarian because she is really passionate about animals. I love animals, but I need to be honest and tell yah that I am doing it because vegetarians generally have a healthier weight and have more lean muscle.

So we (me and Alex, bff) do a once a week we can eat red meat thing. The other 6 days I do mainly fish & beans for protein, and sometimes chicken. If I didnt give myself a cheat day, I would probably lose it (:

thanx for stopping by Gracey!

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