Saturday, August 20, 2011

So many Give-aways

hey beauties! I dunno about you guys, but I love entering into give-aways! Since you do get a couple extra points in your entry for blogging about them, I figure I would just cover all of the give-aways I have been seeing in one blog post- that way- we all win! I get points and you get the 411. And I was told that the last time I linked something back to another site, it cam back here so I will double check as I always do, but if this is happening please dont hesitate to comment below so I can go ahead and fix it for everybody- kk Good Luck Guys!

MakeUp Diary's Just Because Give-Away

 Back to School Give-Away

 Pandora's Box

ok so I wasn't kidding about the "so many" thing was I? haha- If you dont wanna bothered at the moment with all of the forms, these will all be on my side bar in case you wanna come back to them (: dont worry, I gotchu! well good luck again!

Please dont forget to Vote in my poll for your favorite Spring/Summer Trend!! (located at the top of the right side bar) Only 11 days left!

Be on the look out for my fall trends series! it will include all the hottest fall trends and colors- I will shopping my own closet & doing my own research to show you how to wear all the new trends! Im really exited for the Series so I hope you are too! Till next time 

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