Sunday, June 3, 2012

#9: Shoes I Love But Don't Wear Often

That would be these open toe leopard print heels. I will admit I have gotten full use out of them since I bought them almost 2 years ago... as you can tell by the dirty heel on one of them..oops! They are the oldest pair I have. Then again, I did some major closet cleaning -reduced everything by almost %50! & I still don't wear everything in the closet! These heels are no exception. They are so adorable though! I love the gold buckle & the print but there are a couple of reasons I don't wear them often. The first reason being that they are not that comfortable. Almost every other heel I own is more comfy than these. They aren't the worst but I usually reach for something more...relaxing! The second reason being that I can only wear them half of the year because I live in the cold during the winter months. Yuck! ):

I purchased these at Burlington if your wondering for probably like $30 I would guess. Their shoes are always cheap & always well made. Actually, I think any heel I own is most likely from Burlington. There more than great coats!

Anybody Joining Me Yet For the Challenge?!  C'Mon!
 I am behind a few days so don't feel like you must keep up with it every single day! Just do it, girls! (or dudes!)! If you decide on taking part in it, don't forget to link me!

signing off with a computer hug,


Jen said...

I LOVE these heels! I have a similar pair of leopard-print peep-toes...they're so fun! And thanks for keeping with this challenge... I'm way behind, but the point is to have fun with it, which I am. :)

Erica J said...

yay! the girl who made it up herself! Thank you for making the challenge up! it really is so much fun!

MariaSelf said...

so funny, but I also have a pair of leopard prints that I love but never wear;-))

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