Wednesday, June 20, 2012

18: Neon Pink!

ok so I am not going in order for the challenge! I will finish the rest in a different order. Day 20 is Pink but I am calling it Day 18.

This nail polish is the most neon polish I have ever seen. I am not joking. Every time I looked down it looked like I had installed pink light bulbs on my nails. Esp. outside. If you do not like really bright colors, this is not for you. I really love it because it is so different & it is unlike any other neon I own. Why, you ask?

Color Club Jackie Oh!
-Dries to a glossy finish
-Only needed 2 coats at most.
-Does not apply streaky at all
-The brightest neon I have ever seen
-Dries rather quickly

other points:
-This chips, just like any other nail polish within 2 days for me. I guess it really depends what top coat you put on it. I guess I need to find a new one!
-It is "see through". Not in a "my mani looks unfinished" way but in a gel manicure way. You can barely tell by the picture because it is the slightest detail. It's not sheer, it's just see through. I thought that was actually pretty cool because it reminds me of a gel manicure.

I think because it dries to a glossy finish it really amplifies the color making it as bright as the sun. I am comparing this neon with Nina's Ultra Pro Nail Polishes that are all mostly neons. You can find those at Sally's if your wanting something not as bright but I honestly think it is wasted money now that I have tried Color Club's Jackie Oh! With Nina's Ultra Pro Nail Polishe in Punki Pink (neon pink), I applied (no freaking joke) 10-12 coats on my piggy's & it was still extremely sheer. Not the good kind, the bad kind! (see above!). That also dried to a matte finish which is fine: I could work with it. It was just way too sheer.

I got this nail polish in my Birchbox actually! I have been loving Birchbox lately, esp. this month! I think that means another installment of "Best of Birchbox" is coming up soon!

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Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I don't have any neon polishes, but this one looks amazing!

Ashesela said...

This is awesome!!! :D

Erica J said...

thank you Ashesela!

Tiffany: no neons?!?!? wtf?!?! you need at least one! lol

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