Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 10: Favorite Nail Polish

I would have loved to say my favorite nail polish is Julep Maven's Alicia (a pastel coral) but I think Alicia gets a TON of love on MBB. Hell, I am even tired of setting up a photo shot w/her..... As I was browsing my collection, I realized polishes are just like clothes: you have a ton but you never have enough! I was trying to find a summery color to call my favorite and I had about 5 polishes picked out. One which will be in my favorites coming soon & I don't wanna over load my blog, talking about the same thing every post. But I kept on eying Grey Area by Sally Hansen.

Even though it is a little bit dark for the season, it has been a staple since I bought it last fall. Reason being that it is so unique. When I seen it in the store I fell in love. It has a cream finish, like a million other polishes. It is a neutral color which isn't that unique either. However, it has this gorgeous redish undertone, while still being neutral, which I don't see every day. I like nude polishes a lot but since I am have fairer skin, I don't love wearing a true, beige undertone, nude. This looks really gorgeous on my fingers. It's gotta be that red undertone.

My favorite nail polish changes on a weekly basis: depends on the season, the weather, my mood, etc, etc. Gray Area is something that I will probably be buying again & again. If I am feeling a darker color, I gravitate toward it.

Whats your favorite nail polish?

Thank you so much for reading,


CharlieDBeauty said...

This is a nice polish hun. My favourite at the moment is OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam x :-)

Erica J said...

I just googled it i like that too. it's a really nice perwinkle i would say. these 2 i think might look nice 2gether!

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