Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Clothing or Product that Evokes Good Memory

Hi! I am a few days behind the Challenge! Boo! On monday we celebrated by grilling out, going swimming & hanging out with friends & family! Then, I was sick! For anyone that doesn't know, I have asthma, so I have attacks from time to time. I have gained a few more followers since then so welcome everyone! I am so happy to have yah! I will talk more about memorial day part & not the boring sick part below . Let's just get caught up with the challenge, shall we?

#7. Clothing or Product that Evokes Good Memory: I relate scent's & smells to times of my life. There are some scent's that will take me back 10-15 years ago & things I haven't thought of since come rushing back to me. I can pick any one of my scent's & tell you a story about it, so, I am just going to pick something random:

Usher For Women: Surprisingly my uncle who has almost nothing in common with me gave it to me for Christmas! He has amazing taste because it is on of my favorite fragrances. The main notes in Usher for Woman are peach, freesia, osmanthus, jasmine, honeysuckle, peony, woodsy notes, musk and praline. When I smell it, I smell more of the floral notes & the bottom notes- I don't really smell the peach in it. I also smell the office I used to work in at the beginning of 2011. It reminds me of all the people I knew there & things or feelings I maybe have forgotten about. It is so strange to explain but you guys get what I mean by a fragrance taking you back to a certain time of your life.I also love the oil spill effect on the bottle.

I have also decided to do each day 1 at a time. I will most likely post the next "day" later on since I am so behind so I hope you guys don't mind! I am a rule breaker!

On a side note: How was everyone's Memorial Day?! We had such a good day! My whole house (mom, b/f, me, & my mom's b/f was visiting) all went my aunt & uncles house for a pool party! It was supposed to storm but it didn't all day *thank God*! Anywho, I made my Tone It Up Cupcakes & they were a hit! When I told people that they were eating protein powder, they almost died! haha! Afterwards, my bff Alex & her b/f Wes, came over and the 4 of us ended the day with an awesome bonfire. We had all 3 three puppies out with us: her 2, Chloe & Toby & my one Stella which are all from the same litter but Stella ran into a freaking incense! She's fine, she just burned off some of her hair but I feel like a really bad dog mom! :{ No worries, her red spot is gone-- Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even have kids...They will probably run right into a fire. Please don't judge me (:

Till Later Today,

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