Monday, July 1, 2013

Semi Annual Sale Haul + Review


I actually went to the semi annual sale twice! oops! Bath and Body Works is my favorite store, and Victoria's Secret is a close second.

They had the older candle fragrances for sale.

$11 for a 3 wick. 

When I noticed Homemade Cookies, I didn't even open the lid to smell it. I remember always passing it up over the years, then when they didn't bring it back Fall of 2012, I wanted it even more. When I got it home, I opened it to smell it.....and it has a simple vanilla scent. I like vanilla scents, I do. But I like a vanilla scent with some other notes thrown in. Vanilla Bean Noel is the best vanilla scent, and Homemade Cookies is the worst. Merry Cookie falls somewhere in between those two. Homemade Cookies really doesn't have too much of a high scent throw. In fact, there isn't really any kind of throw whatsoever. The idea of the candle is awesome, but this candle suuuuucks. Now I remember why I always passed on this one in the years before. This candle is going back.

The scent description
Homemade Cookies

"Whipped buttercream and pure cane sugar mixed with vanilla cream and rich, sweet cream"

Before my second trip I was watching too many Youtube videos and reading too many blogs. That was when I decided I needed the Mint Chocolate candle too. This one is a lot better then Homemade Cookies. The description says it perfect. Even though Mint Chocolate has a higher scent throw than Homemade Cookies, it isn't as high as some of the other candles I have tried from B+BW. But it did make my room smell like a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream. It just didn't go much past the room in my nose. Philly said he could smell it a little better, however. This one's a keeper. 

The Scent Description
Mint Chocolate
"Semi sweet chocolate, dark cocoa, and peppermint, with vanilla cream and white chocolate."

I also bought 3 Wallflower plug-ins. 
I didnt get any pictures of these but they were too important not to mention since I have a ton of good and bad points to talk abouy.
I bought the cheaper plug-ins and I now firmly believe the decorative plug-ins work better than the plain ones. I am returning all three to buy the prettier ones. They were working ok, but it's been a week or two and the scent isn't as prevalent.

Keep your receipts for the Wallflower plug-ins!  
You can return them within 2 years. That basically means that I will only have to spend money on 1 plug-in for every 2 years. From what the sales lady told me, I can keep on bringing them back within the 2 year span. 

Also, if you can help it, un-plug your Wallflowers when it is storming. They have the tendency to stop working after a storm. I think that is maybe what happened to mine. Plus the plainer ones tend to go quicker if you ask me.

I also bought 4 bulbs for my Wallflowers:
-2 Homemade Cookies: The deal was 2 for $6. These are also going back. Even before the plug-in stopped working, this bulb just didn't really have much of a scent just like it's opposite, the Homemade Cookies candle. Don't waste your money.

-1 Hula's and Hibiscus: The candle smells so good. The Wallflower is a little strong. If I can, I may return the bulb and buy the candle instead.

-1 Strawberry Picnic: This one is awesome. It smells like a creamy strawberry dessert. I want to eat it.

I also bought a ton more stuff from the Semi Annual Sale's and some other places. Watch the video for the full haul:

thank you for viewing!


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