Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Winner + Lifestyle Photos of the Past Months Events + NOTW

I have a winner! I just counted how many points I had entered {based on the comments on both the blog post and the Youtube video}, generated a number from and the number it came up with was 50

The 50th point was entered by Kniiiz on Youtube. Congrats! 

Please email me your address so I can ship this stuff out! 

Aside from the giveaway, I had a ton of stuff going on. Fun stuff. Here's a look from all of the festivities.

Phil and I went to a festival. He even some pictures!

and we went to my uncles on the 4th of July. I filmed a lot of video footage but didnt really get any photos... Im going to make a vlog of that fun stuff but this is my favorite photo (out of the whole 5 I took on the fourth)

that's Philly

Also, my patriotic nails...

Congrats to Kniiiz. 

I am already collecting things for the next giveaway.

For more photos of fireworks and nail polish, follow me on instagram. I usually photograph stuff way before I do a blog post on it. Think of it as a sneak peak of whats to come on the blog.

Happy July


Yomi said...

Thanks for sharing these nice photos!

would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC? Please visit my blog and let me know!

Erica Jackson said...

hi there! i would be happy to check out your blog (: cheers!

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