Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NOTW: Alicia at the Club

You will know why I made up that clever name in a second but can I gush over the pastel coral? I love that color so much! Can you believe I am almost out of it....that's really a shame considering I got it not even a month ago. Well maybe like a little over a month ago. I know they have one from Sally Hansen called Coral Reef so I will probably have to purchase that eventually. Ok enough of all of that, let's get on with the NOTW!

Julep Nail Polish is called Alicia: it goes on so nicely! All I needed was 1-2 coats.

L'Oreal Nail Polish is called Club Prive: I love the color, but it is really sheer. I used like 5 coats. I heard that L'Oreal bought out Essie so I guess L'Oreal's nail formula is similar. I do not think that though. The Essie ones are much more opaque so maybe they haven't gotten to changing the formula for the L'Oreal polishes yet.

hey, i couldnt get a great picture- these are good enough i guess

So yeah just a quick little NOTW

Till Next Time,


oKayeAmy said...

Nice! I love Julep and L'Oreal Paris Color Riche! I did a review on some of the other L'Oreal polish choices. They were a lot of fun. Greyt Expectations is growing on me. =)


Maddy said...

I love niecy from julep :) Their pink polishes are so nice

Erica J said...

alright Amy! or should I say OK Amy! lol, i love your name, as you can tell. I will have to check that post out. do you know for sure what the whole essie/loreal hype is about? probably should head over to your blog and ask! thanks for stopping by!

Maddy! I am obsessed with Julep! this is my favorite color....ever~

Tanvi said...

Love these colors together!!! Also loving the collages you have put together in the latest post!!!

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Ashley Udoh said...

Love these colors together. I bought something similar in different brands. Found you via the blog hop btw. Stop by when you have a chance.


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