Monday, April 30, 2012

Pittsburgh Haul Part 1: The Gap, Victoria Secret, & Stella Treats

Hey! If you guys didn't know, me & my b/f went to Pittsburgh a couple a weeks ago to see a comedian & go shopping. We did some serious damage the night before. We got drunk at the Improv then went downtown. We spent wayy to much but better safe than sorry, so we took a cab everywhere that night. 

So, I am just going to split my Pittsburgh Trip up in 4 blog posts: 
Part 2: H&M & JC Penney Haul (clothing haul) 
Part 3: Yankee Candle Haul & 
Part 4: will just be our trip overall. 

I only bought one thing at The Gap. my Boyfriend, Philly bought a pair of jeans and while I was waiting for him, I seen this puppy. I have 1 other duo chrome "oil spill" nail polish from Wet n Wild but it doesn't compare to this. I really do not like the WnW one too much. Then it came to me. It's a Chanel Dupe! I do not have the Chanel polish but I clearly remember wanting it: Chanel Peridot. Now, I cant say for sure if it is a really true dupe but I will let you be the judge. If you think it is, Try Gap's Gold Rush. It was only $6. I have never tried the Gap's nail polish and the lady helping me said she loves them. Of course she does, but I am sure it will be a better line of polish, considering it's the Gap. You will be seeing a NOTW soon enough, if I like it on. I think I probably will :)

Gap Nail Polish in Gold Rush

pretty duppy if you ask me!

Then we went to Victoria Secret's. I only bought panties because I needed them. Don't worry none of these panties were used! lol! I did wanna show you guys them because they are adorable. I love the "scrunchie butt" where they cinch the fabric that separates each booty cheek. My house mom use to do that to all of our outfits & even my bath suit. The way they are made makes your butt look fab (:

I also bought 2 other pair that were not scrunchie butt. I shabby chic thong & another pair.

Next up, The Dog Store. Just Dogs Gourmet (: I had to buy something for my puppy, Stella. All of these gourmet dog treats were to die. I paid around $5 for all of them. And I tasted the white frosting on the bone. It is actually good. I want to make a frosting like that. You probably think I am crazy. Your the crazy one. Your missing out on these delicious dog treats. if anybody has ever tried to make their own gourmet doggie treats, I would love to know!

The first one is made out of cacao & peanut butter. It's your Reese's Cup for doggies!

Next one is a cupcake of sorts.

Then I bought a carrot one. It was half off because they had them left over from Easter. I wish I lived close so I can fill up my Stella's stocking and Easter basket! But I don't. Maybe I can order online. The carrot is actually made out of vegetables which I thought was pretty cool.

Then we have the frosted milk bone. This was the one I tasted. That frosting is freaking delicious! haha! but i am not joking, lol.

That is that for now! I will make this ending short & sweet

Erica J


Stacie said...

Yummy looking goodies you have there! I have Chanel Peridot and love it, I hope it's a good dupe x - thanks for stopping by my blog :D

Erica J said...

yay! welcome- i really like it.

Cindy said...

Chanel is pricey but we never say no to a great dupe! Thanks for sharing with us dear!



Erica J said...

no problem cindy! when i first started reading your url i thought it was "I Cy cry" haha - ok it know its icy crystal

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Great Haul.
If you haven't already sign up to get coupons from VS. I get coupons for free panties & $10 off of a bra often. Great deals.

Ashley Brooke said...

That polish looks gorgeous- I was lusting over Peridot, so I'm excited that I can pick it up at the Gap

Erica J said...

Tiffany- I know! that's why i love VS! probably half of my panties were free- VS is the only one that will give you a free pair w/out any purchse.

Ashley- Yeah! i have tried it and i like it! it is really thin like most metallics but 3-coats looks good

Anonymous said...

Found you on the blog hop! Now following!


Style-Delights said...

Great haul and picks! You have a lovely blog! Came here via blog-hop and now following you! I'd appreciate if you please check out my blog and follow back!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog

Anonymous said...

MMM CUPCAKES! thanks for commenting and following me darl. hehe, i was bored so i thought the funny faces might be better than the same pose over and over :) now following ! have a great weekend xx

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