Thursday, April 5, 2012

Skinny Cupcakes

Lots of protein. Very Few Carbs. The carbs that are in this cupcake are the good ones, anyway. I hate diet-y tasting food. Loved these cupcakes. Rival Duncan Hines any day.

I was actually skeptical with these cupcakes, as I am with anything diet-y. When I made these, I was quite happy with the turnout. My mom even had one! She is one picky lady. She only likes pizza w/ pepperoni and anything with chocolate.....actually, only some stuff with chocolate...& MGD & pumpkin seeds. That's really it. If they pleased her, they will please anybody!

Did I mention I hate diet-y food? Well, I do. That's is why I love these! They are not the diet-y type of cupcake. They are actually good for you cupcake's. Even ask Karina & Katrina from Tone It Up, which is where I got this recipe, & I bet they will tell you that these very cupcakes would be good before or after a workout.

Ok so I kinda cheated on the name. I didn't think Valentine's Day Cupcakes was an appropriate name, so I am dubbing them "Skinny Cupcakes" the only unoriginal thing I can possible take credit for. That, and the cute font & colors! haha!  

 83 calories. 6 calories from fat

Now for the frosting. The frosting that they had on Tone It Up looked amazing! But, I didn't have cream cheese. So I was off to find another recipe. This frosting is from Oh She Glows. Now, one quick thing: this frosting is by no means skinny! Oh She Glows is a vegan baking blog, so the frosting is vegan, but not skinny! Personally, I liked the cupcakes on their own with no frosting & a little bit of earth balance. They were really great that way! I put the frosting on for everyone else in the house. Plus, the cupcakes look cuter with a hat on!The frosting was also fun & easy to make

  That's that! I hope you guys enjoyed my Skinny Cupcakes posts! Don't forget to visit Oh She Glows & Tone It Up to see another probably delicious icing and alot of other amazing desserts!

Stay Healthy


MariaSelf said...

wow, those seem toooooo yummy!!! and they don't seem to be harmful to my diet, so I should definitely give them a try!!! Erica, and thank you for your heads up - you're unbelievably AWESOME!!!

Erica J said...

lol your welcome! I didn't mention it and I didn't want my blog post to be the reason your mad at julep, yah no what I mean? lol--- I do not post any recipe on my blog that I don't love, they are divine!

Canadian Beauty said...

I cannot believe how delicious these healthy cupcakes look! yum! I found your blog via the blog hop event and I am stopping by to say hello! please check out my blog as well and follow if you enjoy my posts!

Cindy said...

Delicious and yummy!


Now following your blog!


Erica J said...

good to have you Canadian Beauty (: I will be checking it out!---- thanx to you too Cindy!

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