Sunday, April 14, 2013

NYX Butter Glosses

I love Nyx and I love butter so I thought the new Nyx butter glosses would be pretty sweet, literally. Turns out, they taste like absolutely nothing. They really don't smell like anything either. If you smell really hard they have a faint sweet plastic smell. But if I wasn't a beauty blogger, I would never know that.

Yeah, I sniff my products to report back to you all.

This is my life.

Even though they dont smell or taste like anything, the term buttery definitely sticks to these glosses. They are silky, buttery smooth.They are not sticky at all. They are really pleasant to wear.

I bought only 2 when Ulta was having their BOGO1/2 sale on Nyx. It came to something like $9.  The 2 you see are Merengue {Right} and Apple Strudel {Left} Looking at them in the tube, I was sure they were going to be pastel like on the lips.  Yes, they do give some color and depending on the color you choose, lighten the lips a little. I get some color for the moment but the color wears as does the gloss. 

Apple Strudel has been my favorite of the 2. That is always subject to change. I have been loving wearing it over Revlon's Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. They compliment each other. This one isn't as pigmented as Merengue, but I still love that nude/orange color.

Apple Strudel Alone:

Apple Strudel worn over Creme Brulee:

Did I say Apple Strudel was my favorite? I changed my mind. I could not pass up Merengue. I have always passed on that Revlon lip gloss that is that pastel lilac color, and even though Merengue is a little different than said Revlon gloss, it still is the same concept. I love a good pastel. I will take it in any form: nail polish, clothing, accessories, food, paint, and of course gloss. I have been loving wearing Merengue under Wet n Wild's Dollhouse Pink. Dollhouse Pink is so bright and in your face {not to mention drying} that it tones down the color, but compliments it so well.

Merengue by itself:

here's Merengue underneath Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink. You can wear the gloss over top too, I just think that if your wanting to go for that bright pink but want to tone it down, these colors compliment each other so well when worn this way. 

They have a doe foot applicator. 

Here's the swatches of both of them on my arm.

There you have it! There's my review!

Have you tried these Butter Glosses?
What did you think?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (:


Steph Lau said...

ohh pretty! these are new, aren't they? Surprisingly they look natural and glossy, i was expecting something like the matte lip creams :P

Julia said...

It's funny how important the taste of makeup becomes.

I still can't find a good brick and mortar source of NYX near me. Bummer.


Erica Jackson said...

Steph: yeah they are fairly new. i think they came out earlier this year or around Christmas. I thought the same thing because they look just like the Matte Lip Creams from NYX. but they are not. although Merengue would pair awesomely with Tokyo Matte Lip Cream from NYX! I am just finding a million ways to pair these babies!

Julia: I know, right? A brick and mortar source. i love that sentence. it sounds so legit, haha! that really does suck! you can always find NYX at Cherry Culture online and I hope my swatches give you an idea of these 2 colors. as for the others, google the whole line and you will most likely find tons of swatches for each color!

Arielle said...

I love NYX but I have yet to try a butter gloss. I almost picked one up over the weekend. These colors are really lovely ony you! They compliment your skintone well :)

Erica Jackson said...

thanks Arielle! try them, i really like them

sayhellotogorgeous.wordpress said...

Just got Merengue. So pretty!

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