Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Thoughts #2

                              #2   I LOVE Old HollyWood

   #3 I Love Back Lots. 
 I obviously have only been to a new back lot but I wish I could visit the original MGM where Meet Me In St. Louis, or Little Women were filmed. They are the coolest if you've never been to a backlot- GO! For me it was one of the most amazing experiences, As you might know my major is Architectural & Interiors and my influence was a Hollywood backlot. I was always debating between designing real houses or set design, movie design. IDK what it is, i've just always been intrigued to this sort of stuff. I wanna know whats behind every door sort of thing!   

Did You Know: The Boone Hall Plantation is the inspiration for the Twelve Oaks in Gone with the Wind and the plantation is where Ali's Summer house from The Notebook is filmed. On the Grounds of the Plantation there are slave houses still standing - creepy right?
                                 A Shot from Gone with the Wind (which is actually a painting)
                                                       Boone Hall Plantation
 At the end of the drive-way (they say "mile long oaks" I do believe That's where you will find Boone Hall Plantation a.k.a. Ali's summer home! 
I found all of the Fun Fact info at HookedOnHouses.Net

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Erica J said...

hi- it's Erica from Meet Makeup- I was going thru these Happy Thoughts posts and I wanted to let you know that- like I said, that Gone with the Wind picture is actually a painting. That is supposed to be the Boone Plantation Farm (a real plantation, still standing, that is in The Notebook too) All of the shots of the plantation from afar in GWTW were all painted- just wanted to let you guys know, I didn't put it in the actual post- take care & thanx for coming to check me out!

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