Friday, February 25, 2011

Mark/Avon Haul- Review

I am an Avon and Mark. rep and my package got here a few days ago! Yay! Im would like to share with you all what I purchased: (this originally was going to just be a haul, but since my camera has been messed up latley, I obviously could not post pics, so i've been using the product- so you get a too-fer!

Mark. Self Sanctuary All That Fizz Scented Bath Balls - I wanted to try these and I wasn't sure if I would like them, but let me tell you the box that they came in was so cute & intriguing , and as soon as I opened it, you can smell the bath balls, which smell like candy! ... $4.99

They are also wrapped like candy! You get 1 purple ball, 1 yellow ball, and 1 pink ball. This product I have not used yet. If you want to know how they are, just comment below and ill keep yah updated!

 Mark. Mezzo Snap To It Case- Now the diff I would say between avon and mark is that Mark. is a little more trendy than Avon. although I love them both equally, I absolutely love Mark.'s shadows. There taking a thing or 2 from mac with their build-your-own palette. Its the coolest. It comes with a dual ended brush (1 side is for blending and the other for placing color's) Mark.'s shadows are very comparable to a higher end brand make-up, and I recommend if your going for a higher end look but for a cheaper price- go with Mark. Also with the case's, there are magnets that hold the blushes or shadow's on the case. Kudos to Mark. $6

Mark. I-Mark shadow in shade- Biscotti.- I ran out of this a long time ago and ever since I tried Mark. shadows I really dont use anything else. They colors are really pigmented and with a good primer, they will last all day long. Even w/o a primer tho they last pretty long. $5

Mark. Blush & Bronzer Brush- I mean, that's really it! lol it's just a blush brush! I like it tho. Oh yeah if you do get it, use more of a stipple motion when you apply your make-up. I use it for bronzer, blush and loose powder.$7

Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream with SPF 15- I really like that it has spf 15 because my skin is very acne-prone and to prevent scarring or anything like that, its better to use an spf type of cream or makeup on your face. Im exited to use this item. it actually smells really good too. just fresh, not strong. Also around my eyes are really red too. Weather you go with this cream or not, I recommend investing in some sort of eye cream. IDK the price b/c I think this was discontinued. You can double check if you would like to. I wanna say $7 but don't quote me!


 Avon Nail Experts Strong Nails Length & Strength- This is a great product. I used it the day a got it (a couple days ago) and I can tell a difference. They are much stronger and where they were breaking, they are not anymore. For only $ you cant beat it. The consistency of the Nail Expert's Strong Nails is like a liquid almost if you were all wonderin. This is a new item!! $6

Smooth Minerals- I really love this powder. I bought 2, it was BOGO for half off. I got Light Beige and Ivory. I mix them to get the perfect shade. Then, when I go tanning, I can just use the darker of the two (which would be Light Beige) My MAC color is NC 15 (I know, i'm really pale!) I get full coverage with the Smooth Minerals. This is the new and improved Smooth Minerals too. You see at the top how it has a stopper? You shake it upside down so you only get a little bit and don't waist all of your loose powder! Great Idea! A good buy for me. $12

Remember Ladies! 
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