Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Thoughts #4

#9 Architecture- I just love it- I love going to a city that I have never been to before and strolling around town looking at buildings. A city's architecture tells a whole story on the city it's in. I love how the designer puts in so much detail, it's an art I can absolutely appreciate...
#10 Television- I really think i'm a reality T.V. addict! haha! I get so emotionally involved in each show! The show's I like are Kardashians, Holly, Kendra, Real Housewife's of Beverly Hills, Lock-Up (yes i love lock-up surprisingly!) Pit Boss, Jon & Kate plus 8 (now it's just Kate plus 8) Real World challenges, oh do you guys remember I love money?!? what happened to that series of reality shows!? I miss those ones ): I also love cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, Aqua Teen.. I also like Food Network & History...Any t.v. show there is really
 #11 Animal's- I did not have a dog growing up, I had a parrot growing up- Candy. he was soo cute! He was an amazon parrot- he talked and laughed, and danced to music, he would even play tricks on us! haha, he was hilarious! When I lived in Nevada I had a puggle/boxer mix named Bugga! You wanna talk about the cutest-ugliest dog? He breathed really heavy and he was attached to my hip all day long! he was my baby! his voice was the cutest! I miss him so much! I love how animals have larger-than-life personalities- they are like humans. I hope I can adopt one soon.
#12 Pin-Ups- I think it comes from my obsession w/ old Hollywood. I also love photography of women. Pin-ups are so intriguing. There's something about a strong women standing up for what she believes in and back then this photography was very controversial. I can totally relate to the pin-up ladies
 #13 Comedy- Haha! Laughter is the best medicine! I love watching stand-ups to name just a few- Dane Cook, Jo Koy, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart. I also love all of the comedians on the round table (Chelsea). Anything funny I appreciate. It really is the best medicine, me and my boyfriend can just laugh for hours, you know that laugh that make's your stomach hurt? I can (try) to find the comedy in everything.
#14 Fashion- If I ever had a chance to go to any kind of fashion week, i think I would literally die!  I love watching the red carpet things they have on E! I mean fashion is so fun! You get a chance to dress up yourself and play with all the new trends, I just love fashion- another great art-form.
#15 Life- You thought i was gunna flowers, didn't you? I do love flower's because they are just beautiful, they smell so fresh, (and spring is my favorite season). But when I see flowers to me they represent life. Kind of like how babies do, they grow so fast and they are so... ALIVE! lol no but really there's something nostalgic about flowers for me, For some reason they make me reminisce.. just love 'em.

What are your Happy Thoughts?? Thanx for reading too! 
and BTW these are never in any particular order! I have wayy too many Happy Thoughts to even categorize or rank each one! I just call them as I see them!

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