Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mini Haul

So do people do haul's in a blog? ive seen them on youtube but never on a blog but im just gunna go for it because its my blog and...
BTW: why does the pictures say 2009? so weird, right? i took those last weekend!!!Well the first thing is definitely first! back in '07 when i worked at Victoria's Secret they came out with this awesome perfume called Sexy Little Things & I got to have one for like $5! I loved it ever since but also have not bought it since so I decided to pick one up (Below is my Body Spray $10)

Everybody has there favorites from Victoria's for instance my Bff Alex loves Sexy Little Things Noir and that scent reminds me of her.

Pink reminds me of high school. I love those scents that literally bring you right back to a time or a place or a feeling. That's Pink for me. My absolute favorite tho is Ralph By Ralph Lauren. this was the first perfume I ever bought (I was like probably 11 guys) and ever since then idk what it is about it but it has always been my go-to. I kinda think the Sexy Little Things reminds me of Ralph alot. Sexy Little Things is Very Fruity/Floral as is Ralph. They have the same top note in common which is green apple (I love green apples! who woulda thought?) and they have a similar bottom note which is musk.
Comment: Tell me which one you like better or if you think they do smell alike or tell me if there's another out there that smells just like them! I would love to know!Now, on to the next one. There's this place in my mall (Southern Park Mall) its called glitter where everything is $1! Its all just jewelry but its a great place here what i found there:

This bracelet is probably my favorite thing for a buck:
                                       These 3 Bracelets came 2gether along with these earrings:

         Costume Rings: I like the star- so cute. I also love how they have the different color gems

                                                          Last 2 are earrings obviously

The heart is a keychain ring. Its so cute! For a buck you cant beat it! I lost my last set of keys and my b/f Philly got me a key chain in Germany  - It was a Pendant of my Last Name and what it means & our last name "coat of arms" I loved it so miss and I needed something cute to add to my new ones. What do you all think?? what was your favorite item?


MSodapop said...

Haha, The Southpark picture made me laugh. I love your rings! ^_^

Erica J said...

haha you remember that episode?? it was coincidentally just on! Thanx! rnt they the cutest? everything for a buck!! thanx for reading!!

for the love of beauty by lara said...

nice haul!

lol i do hauls too yea do wat u want ;) lol

LifeLover said...

my fav thing was the silver earrings, they are really cute, and also I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog... You have been so supportive!!

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