Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To make: Sogno From Carrabba's

If you have a Carrabba's near you, you would know what a Sogno De Chocolate is. If you dont have a Carrabba's near you a Sogno De Chocolate (or just Sogno for short) is a bownie, layered with chocolate mousse, layered with whipped cream a.k.a. heaven... I think it actually is what heaven is-- i mean, i has to be because it is to die for! (no pun intended). When i quit working there I didnt get %50 off anymore and like I always say i am one broke bee-otch. I decided, being the little chocolatier i am, that i could def. make this myself. & guess what? success! I use the Ghiradelli brownie mix bc like the Sogno, it has little chocolate bits in it. Tip for brownie making. If your brownies dont look done- I bet you there are! and what i mean by that is the top should look a little gooey i guess the word is for the perfect brownie. If your not sure if they are done or not jusy pop em out and let 'em cool if they really aren't dont you can simply just pop em back in for a minute or 2. Secondly for the mousse I used Gorant's chocolate & if you dont live in the tri-state area (Youngstown, Ohio) your will have to order off line and trust me it is worth it! If not, you can always go to your go-to chocolate company in your area but im telling you, spend the $5 bucks on 5oz. that is truly the secret. So in a double boiler i threw in the %60 chocolate bits and 2 tblspoons of butter. stir until you see melted. or you can always pop the chocolate in a microwave- works just the same. Let cool before adding the 3 egg yolks! (unless you like chocolate scrambled eggs)and 1 tblspoon of vanilla. Next whip your own cream! Trust me, it makes for a better mousse! Using heavy whipping cream (1 cup) whip with a mixer until about half way and then add sugar to your liking- i use about 2 tablspoons. Then continue mixing with sugar in heavy whipping cream until soft peaks form. Take about 1/5 of the whipped cream and mix it into the chocolate until you get a softer consistency and once you do make sure to fold in the rest! very important! afterward, take the 3 egg whites left from the yolks and mix that with a mixer on the "whip" setting (thats the highest setting) then agian about half way thru that throw in a pinch or 2 of salt and then whip the white until soft peaks form on those. FOLD that into the chocolate as well. Even tho your mixture feels a little jiggly and not so mousse-y dont sweat it needs to chill for a couple hours in the fridge anyways so do that over night or for a couple hours at least. Then just like you did the whipped cream do that again. Then what I like to do (since the Sogno is layered 2x) cut the brownie down the middle and then on top of 1 piece put on the chocolate mousse & then the whipped cream on top. Then gracefully put on the borwnie on top of the layered brownie and then the mousse and then the whipped cream. all done! keep in the fridge. But make sure not to tell or show anyone unless you wanna share cuz im positive they will go banana's! Good Luck babes!


silvia Navarro said...

cute post!!
love your style...=)

Erica J said...

yay my first comment! thanx for the support!

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