Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Trends (part 1 of 5) MakeUp, Color

So the color of the year declared by Pantone is a color called honeysuckle. Its a nice refreshing pink, and I am exited its a pink!

Im going to talk about my first favorite for makeup this spring! and it is all about these beautiful, sheer, nude/pale, pastel, pearly color's for me!

I couldn't remember which make-up brand was advertising them and when I went to find out online which one, I guess CoverGirl, Maybeline,& Revlon have all caught on to this pearl-tastic trend. (which ive been seeing every color of the pastel rainbow on the menu for spring!)  MAC is also coming out line called Sheer-Jeanius for this spring, with a limited edition lip-stick, which is very similar to the pearl color's (all pic. names start from the left)

Acid Wash, Pretty Please, Riveting Rose,
Can I have the Pretty Please!...Pretty Please?!

  Docile, Indigo Pink, Painted On

Ive have always bought the Soft Lip's Balm and you always get a Tinted Lip Balm with the regular Lip Balm. I have these two colors: Sweet and my favorite, Shell Pink. 

I first got hooked on these a couple years ago and my first color was Pearl and I still look for it to this day! The Shell Pink dosent have as much pigment as it does sheen to it, so I usually wear a really pretty pink lip stick I got for a Christmas present IDK the brand name or else I would recommend it! or ill put Lip Tints in Rose by Avon underneath it.

 New Smash Box In Bloom Spring line Long
Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15
Also be on the lookout for bold lip colors (coral, red, pink)

Survey Says: Lips For Spring is can go either way, depending on your own personal preference obviously: Bold Red's & Coral's Vs. Pearly Pink's

nail art is also a huge trend for spring (lucky for us nail lover's)

Here are all the nail color trends for Spring:
Orly Spring Collection: Precious.
Revlon keeping up with the Bright Nail Trend's & They are scented!
Avon Pastels:  Jade, Luxe Lavender, Vintage Blue

Tiffany's Blue
these avon color's came out last spring and i wanted every color!
when i went to go and fetch more (i couldn't obviously wait until i put my next order in) and couldn't find these pastels anywhere! Im so happy they are everywhere they are my fav. nail trend this spring!!


MAC's New Jean-ius line is keeping up with the Neutral and Bold Trend
 Frayed-To-Order & Biker Blue

Survey Says: On the nails it's Bold Vs. Neutral

Other Trends for the Spring:
white eye liner

Monochrome Pink

According to, "In 2010 spring season pastel makeup used combination of pastel colored eyeshadow but this season the way to go is monochrome" (same color, different hues). Two hues can be used to combine to create a shadow effect.

Mostly the colors used for spring season 2011 are pink, blue, red, lavender, orange, green  --and all the shades look sexy.
Bold Bright Red Lip, With Green Shadow
MAC Jean-ius Shadows. Beautiful Blue's:
White Jeanius, Stove Pipe Black, Motorhead, Diva In Distress

Pastel Blue w/ a Hot Lip

Survey Says: Bold Eyes!

Thanx for reading! Stay Tuned for my take on some of these awesome trends!


for the love of beauty by lara said...

great post!

yea - those avon colors look great!
i dont think we hav them in australia though!

how much do they retail for in US?

Erica J said...

Hmm, you guys dont have avon is Australia? Avon isnt actually sold in a store, it comes from a magazine- I am a rep for avon. They are $5 but they are on sale now for half off! Go to my site if you would like to order something, I will have to ask if they could ship it to you but i dont see why not Lara! Ill check into it for yah tho & get back to yah, babe -is my site. from there you can click on "shop avon" (for those nail polishes) but Mark is another great company too, so feel free to check em out! (click on "shop mark" at my site if you wish) Thanx for reading too!

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