Saturday, February 19, 2011

All About Candles!

First item(s) i got at Bath & Body Works they had mini candles 3 for $5 or regular size 2 for $10. I wanted to try 3 instead of 2 and since it was cheaper that way I went for it! First item: Coconut and Vanilla. Very interesting mix but also a very creative one (at least I thought) and it smells really yummy but it dosen't make the room smell as good as the Passionfruit one!!!

there was only 2 left and they both have been tampered with! But that didn't stop me, it smells really yummy. I mean it smells like Passionfruit what more can I say about it!? Maybe its just my favorite because it is pink. idk how long the sale is going on (I got a coupon for 20% between 2/28 & 3/20 so its probably over around the 28th of feb) but if your in the mood to try out some new candles, head down to your local Bath & Body Works for sure now is a good time to try and buy.

Oh yeah I haven't burned the Pineapple Mango one yet but I am sure it is just as good as it smells. Their candles are voted #1 in the country. Better than Yankee? In my opinion YES! Any time i have ever gotten a candle from Yankee.... I hate to bash but I need to be honest and say that they never smell burning as they smell when you put your nose to it... The only way I would know if someone was burning a candle from Yankee is if I seen the flame. 

Also too, this item is not included in the new items I have bought, I should have put them in my favorites post but has anybody heard of Tyler Candle Company? OMG! LOVE these! I got the Mixer Melts a few months back in the clearance at Hallmark. On sale for $1.50 each for 6 melts. You put them in an oil-burner and put a tea light underneath and it melt's the wax down & they smell yummy! I want to eat them! I like to mix and match different melts. Right now I have a 1/2 of the 24-7 Glam and like 1/4 of the French Market


favorites in order are: #1 TwentyFourSevenGLAM. It just has a really girly smell. I feel like it should be made in perfume form.. Def. some vanilla & jasmine. Its really light. Its a great scent. Check out Tyler Candle Company Here.

#2 French Market. I like to only use a little piece of them b/c I want them to LAST (even tho they have the same life span either way! haha!) This one smells like FLOWERS! I can describe the scent in these words: sweet, light, clean, yummy, floral

#3 LimeLight. The name explains this one (unlike the others, but thats what I loved about those ones!) Lime, Citurs, Tangerine, but with a kick of sweetness like vanilla... kind of reminds me of the Coconut & Vanilla Bath&Body Works but minus the coconut and add the lime. duh. The Coconut & Vanilla is more of a warmer scent then this. Tangy, but smells Fab.

On to another candle company, which my tanning salon used to sell years ago (and they dont anymore, idk why it was a great idea). The company is called Time & Again and my absolute favorite candle scent in the entire world is Cloud Berry. I absolutely love this scent! As you know, I love Falling In Love by Philosophy. I love that sweet berry scent and that is exactly what this smells like. When you go to the Time & Again home page, you cant click on anything. Well you can, but it wont open up any other pages to buy anything, sadly. Anybody know where I can find this wonderful candle or wax bar? This wrapper ive had for a couple years (you can obviously tell, its spilled on and beat up) which is an absolute red flag of an obsession of the flavor- so if you know where I can find this bad boy, let me know! If so, I suggest you pick one up too!  

The next one is a brand new candle scent for the season. I won a bunch of candle burners and things like that in a Chinese Auction last year so I always pick some of these individual candle re-fills for them. I like the Glade candle burner better than the....I think Febreze? Only because the Glade candle holder has a magnet and then the re-fill candles have magnets as well. Its def. safer and much more convenient b/c I like to just put one in for show and if i end up moving it around its not gunna fall out if it hasn't been burned. But anyways about the scent I purchased, its from their spring collection limited edition and its called: Bring On The Blossom. I cant wait for spring time (i live in Ohio) and I wanted to get in the mood and I figure, whats a better way to so then with a candle? They also had a green one too, but I like this one better and not just because it's pink! It also smelled better. On the box they describe it with these words: Jasmine, Rose, Peony, & Sandalwood & I couldnt have described it better myself! My favorite Glade Scent tho is Angel Whispers. Angel Whispers is again, very girly,scent smells like perfume.

Again with the date on the pics. '09? no..I took these last week! Its so strange. I think my camera is confused or has amnesia like on 50 first dates.  Poor camera...

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